Release Notes for 10.81


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Enhancements and Features 

Program Increment Progress enhancements

We’ve expanded our burndown charts on the Program Increment Progress report to include features that belong to multiple programs to present a more comprehensive view of workWe also renamed the Scope trend to Ideal Burn on the Program Increment Progress burndown charts, and added helpful tooltips next to the Program Increment Burnup and Burndown (by Feature) charts titles to understand how the charts are calculated.

Managing dependencies & external entities

To improve the performance of the dependency slideout and the external entity modal, we moved the creation and management of external entities to the More Actions menu on the Dependencies grid. In addition, we added a search field to the modal to improve usability.


Removal of Project Hours and Cycle Time
The Project Hours and Cycle Time values were removed as selectable options in the Track By field for teams, as they don't have any links to financial reporting and are not reflected in other locations in Jira Align. All teams where these options were set now have Track By field set to Points automatically. New teams will have only Hours and Points as selectable Track By options.
Maximum Hours Field validations

The Maximum hours per day fields under Administration > Workday > Maximum Hours > Maximum Hours now allow values of up to 100 hours. Additionally, the Maximum hours per week fields allow values of up to 1000 hours. These changes support using a percentage of time (0 to 100%) against tasks vs. number of hours in a day.

API 2.0

For this release, we made two updates to the API 2.0:

  • Releases (program increments) can be created using the POST method. This does not yet include the creation of sync sprints.

  • To improve API 2.0 response time and reduce server resource utilization, we’re introducing a new API 2.0 token. We ask that all API users start using this token. The API 1.0 token will work with API 2.0 until the 10.83 release. After this time, using an API 1.0 token will result in an authorization error.


Defect Fixes

JIRAALIGN-2046 Users experience slow performance when they manage external entities and more than 500 external entities exist in Jira Align
JIRAALIGN-2095 When attempting to load the Forecast page, only a small number of epics load before an error occurs
API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-2098 GET Objectives/<id> returns teamIds NULL, even when a team has been set on the objective
JIRAALIGN-2061 Long team names overlap with the list of additional options on a user's Details panel
JIRAALIGN-2066 In the Changes log, selecting Apply Filters does not display any filter options
JIRAALIGN-2100 The default platform terminology uses an incorrect singular form of 'Acceptance Criteria'
JIRAALIGN-2122 Users can only enter values of 0-24 hours per day. This does not allow for tracking time as a percentage
JIRAALIGN-1227 The Budget value for features remains populated after the feature has been associated with a parent epic
JIRAALIGN-2052 Users cannot reorder capabilities in the backlog when a program increment or solution are the only filters set in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-1981 Points for individual PIs are displayed on the Details panel in reverse order
JIRAALIGN-1993 Epic and Capability Planning do not reflect estimates according to the Display Week Estimates In setting
JIRAALIGN-2072 In Epic Planning, the program increment column headers and values are not ordered by PI start date
JIRAALIGN-1642 The names for feature states on the grid view and the Details panel doesn't match
JIRAALIGN-2037 The confirmation message after setting up workflows in the Features grid contains a typo
JIRAALIGN-2090 When creating a new feature, information on the Summary field does not display in the audit logs
JIRAALIGN-1948 The applied filter toaster does not display the current search string
JIRAALIGN-1594 Duplicate test cases are created during import if the story linked to the test case has an identical story name
JIRAALIGN-1975 A No History returned message displays in the audit log for themes created through import
Jira Connector  
JIRAALIGN-445 Sprints removed from a board cannot be reinstated
JIRAALIGN-1537 When a work item is created or updated in Jira and the change syncs to Jira Align, the Jira Align user ID (not name) displays in the audit logs
JIRAALIGN-1979 Users cannot add a Jira board if the board ID already is mapped to a different connector
JIRAALIGN-2092 State mappings are duplicated in the settings of a next-gen project if the project-to-program mapping is changed
Program Room  
JIRAALIGN-2048 Selecting the gear icon while the Quick Filters toggles are displayed opens the Column Configuration modal, but the modal disappears quickly
JIRAALIGN-2151 The Estimate column on features does not populate
JIRAALIGN-1427 Tag filters set in the Configuration bar don't apply on the Status Reports
JIRAALIGN-1949 The Status Reports do not reflect platform terminology changes
JIRAALIGN-2114 The Assessment Report does not display any data
JIRAALIGN-1644 The names for story states on the grid view and the Details panel don't match.
JIRAALIGN-1641 The names for task states on the grid view and the Details panel don't match.
JIRAALIGN-809 When an Agile team has been switched to a Kanban team, the Sprint Prefix field is hidden. Users cannot convert the Kanban teams back to Agile if an existing Agile team uses the same sprint prefix that the Kanban team previously used.
JIRAALIGN-1888 The Track By field contains unsupported values
Time Tracking  
JIRAALIGN-1999 When setting up the Holiday Calendar, selecting a date when the browser is set to dd/mm/yyyy causes the date to be saved with an incorrect format (e.g. selecting a date of November 3, 2020 causes the date to save as March 11, 2020)
Work Tree  
JIRAALIGN-1866 The Items column does not populate for stand-alone features
JIRAALIGN-1639 The Help button partially covers the Next and Last buttons when in a list and scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page
JIRAALIGN-1924 Outdated branding displays in Risk Alert emails
JIRAALIGN-2103 The X icon overlaps with browser scroll bars on Details panels and other slide-out panels
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