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Release Notes Updates

A change to our release cadence in July

Due to a US holiday, the 10.74 production environment release has been moved from July 4, 2020 to July 18, 2020. You can review our updated release calendar here.

Subscribe to real-time release note publication notifications

With the Jira Align 10.74 release, we will no longer be sending our release announcement email. We recently enhanced the Help Center to allow those with accounts to sign up for release notes publication notifications. So, no longer will you have to wait until the beginning of the week after a release to review the details of new and enhanced features, performance improvements, and defect fixes. Now, you'll receive a notification the moment release notes are published on the Friday prior to a release.

Enhancements and Features

Shareable links

Shareable links are here! One of your most-requested enhancements, we’ve added functionality to include top-level filter settings in the URL of Jira Align pages. Now, you can navigate throughout the platform and share your filtered view with your team! (Of course, all views will still be limited by user permissions, so one can’t get too extreme). Simply copy-paste your URL to share your filtered page.

Currently, this functionality supports filters set in the Configuration bar. For example, if you specify one program and two program increments, your URL will look similar to:,69 

Soon, we’ll extend this functionality to grid page filters, so stay tuned.

Feature label added to Story Map cards

Story maps are a great way to turn customer journeys into a backlog, plan releases, or simply organize stories across two dimensions. In this release, we’re adding a feature label to the story cards. This will help users easily identify which stories have already been parented to a feature and which need to be.


Microsoft Azure DevOps connector enhancements

  • Previously, the Azure DevOps (ADO) connector required that a single ADO project area path maps to a Jira Align program. Now, multiple ADO project area paths can map to one Jira Align program. This allows you to quickly integrate ADO teams and map them to an optimal teaming hierarchy in Jira Align, without having to restructure ADO.

  • To support the change above, a new Azure DevOps Area Path attribute was added to work items. This will display on items in programs mapped to area paths in your connector configurations. When syncing items from ADO, this will field will automatically be set. When creating items in Jira Align, this attribute will need to be set in order for the items to sync to ADO. Once set, this field becomes read-only. Items will need to be moved in ADO in order for the area path to change.
  • The ADO connector has three sync timers, each controlling the cadence at which work items, teams and sprints, or recycle bins sync. These settings were moved out of a back-end configuration file and into the configuration settings so that you can adjust the sync cadences to meet your needs. In addition, we added timestamps below each setting so that you can easily see when a timer last ran or if it is currently running.

  • Bidirectional syncing of acceptance criteria is now supported! If you choose to sync acceptance criteria, you’ll be limited to a single acceptance criteria text field in Jira Align since the default ADO acceptance criteria is a text field. If you already have multiple acceptance criteria in Jira Align, the connector will automatically merge them into a single, formatted text field.

Jira connector enhancements

On the Jira connector sprint mapping page, a new indicator was added to highlight sprints that have been deleted in Jira or that the connector longer has access to. In addition, we added an action to delete the Jira sprint from the mapping (previously you could ignore the sprint in the mapping but not delete it). Note, this action will not delete Jira sprints or Jira Align sprints, it simply deletes it from the mapping page.


Objective and Key Results APIs

We've added read APIs for the Objective and Key Results objects. In the following releases, we'll be adding support for the create and update actions.

Defect Fixes

JIRAALIGN-1092 / JIRAALIGN-1493 When issuing a put command, users are able to enter more than 4000 characters in the Notes field
JIRAALIGN-1564 The parentId field for capabilities is required, but not enforced when a capability is created through the API
JIRAALIGN-1186 The Iteration View of the backlog page is not displaying the full names of selected sprints, compared to other views
JIRAALIGN-1515 A “Whoops” error occurs when adding objectives to capabilities
JIRAALIGN-1456 Non-Super Admin roles are unable to see any portfolios in administration settings, even when they have been correctly added to the portfolio team
Portfolio Room  
JIRAALIGN-1607 The Budget label displayed on the Portfolio Room is confusing, as it indicates the budget for the PI and not the total budget for all epics
Program Increments  
When creating a new program increment, the Program field is emptied after attempting to save with a missing required field
JIRAALIGN-1589 Users are able to create program increments with duplicate names
Program Room  
Features and child story rows are not properly aligned, making the display of hierarchies difficult to view
Release Vehicles  
JIRAALIGN-1521 User role permissions for adding release vehicles do not give the role the ability to create new release vehicles
JIRAALIGN-1540 Clicking the star icon on a report from the Status Reports page does not retain favorite status after leaving and returning to the page
JIRAALIGN-649  Users with a role of Product Owner are not available as selections in the User dropdown from the Process Step State report
JIRAALIGN-1392 Roadmaps fail to load data when filtering by the Features or Feature by Epic views
JIRAALIGN-1543 The Extra Configs menu is too small to view and use from the Release Vehicle Roadmaps page
JIRAALIGN-1584 Some exported lists of stories are displaying the incorrect State value in the export file
JIRAALIGN-1591 Program increment assignments inherited on stories as a result of setting a valid sprint do not display on story grid pages. The assigned PI is only visible in the story’s Details panel slide-out
JIRAALIGN-1413 Users are navigated to the Stories grid page after using the Add from template command from the +Create button in the upper-right corner of any page
JIRAALIGN-1541 Users are able to erroneously change the type of program team to agile team after creation
JIRAALIGN-1460 Non-Super Admin user roles are only able to see the first 150 users assigned to a program team
Team Room   
JIRAALIGN-1582 A 500 server timeout error occurs when attempting to filter by sprint on the Team Room page
JIRAALIGN-1631 Some on-premises users are logged out when attempting to access the team room if the instance start date has a dd/mm/yyyy format
JIRAALIGN-1386 Items in the Theme Backlog are not being filtered by a strategic snapshot selected in the Configuration bar settings
JIRAALIGN-1579 Announcement fields are limited to only 400 characters instead of 4000
JIRAALIGN-435 Some grid pages do not load the list of work items and return a query timeout error instead
JIRAALIGN-1549 Some users experience a 500 server timeout error when attempting to access the Personas page
JIRAALIGN-1544 Users who do not have the proper permissions are able to edit the Administration > Platform Terminology settings page
JIRAALIGN-991 The maximum file size limit of 4MB is not clearly stated when attempting to import work items
JIRAALIGN-904 The navigation menu on the left side of Jira Align uses singular and plural terms inconsistently
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