Release Notes for 10.79


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Enhancements and Features 

Configuration bar filtering by Organization Structure

The Kanban view of the Story Backlog now supports filtering by the Organization Structure field in the Configuration bar. When filtered by organization structure, work items are shown when the owner or assignee is a member of the selected structure or child levels of the structure.

Configuration bar filtering by Product

The Kanban view of the Story Backlog now supports filtering by the Product field in the Configuration bar. When the view is filtered by product, stories are shown if that story is related to a feature that is aligned to the selected product or any child products.

New REST APIs available

The following objects and methods are now supported in the API 2.0:

  • Objectives can be created using the POST method

Defect Fixes

API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-1610 Deactivating a user via PATCH call towards the /align/api/2/Users/id endpoint produces inconsistent results
JIRAALIGN-1651 Teams request does not return child items for the programs and portfolios a user is assigned to
JIRAALIGN-1940 Program and portfolio teams remain linked to a user, even after the team has been deleted


Users who do not have the Super Admin role are receiving 400 bad request errors through the API
Azure DevOps Connector  
JIRAALIGN-1918  Syncing a story when an Azure DevOps feature can't be accessed removes the owner and title from the Jira Align audit log entry
JIRAALIGN-1879 Tooltips in the Capacity column are confusing
JIRAALIGN-1911 Forecast information is not reset when moving an epic or capability to a different PI
Jira Connector  
Updating a feature's title in Jira Align does not update the corresponding epic's title in Jira
JIRAALIGN-1808 Users can click the Update All Jira Projects button when configuring state mapping for next-gen projects. This should not be possible as state mappings for next-gen projects are unique to the individual project
When a feature in a portfolio with capabilities enabled is reinstated using the connector, the Contained In field value is reset
The Discussions link is shifted and not clickable when it appears in the same line as the Owner field
Progress by Objective  
JIRAALIGN-1755 Planned value from Stretch Objectives is included in the Objectives Planned Vs Actual tables
JIRAALIGN-1862 The Team field on action items in the Action Items Report reads Board
JIRAALIGN-1588 Selecting a release vehicle in the Configuration bar filters out stories that are mapped to the release vehicle through the parent feature
JIRAALIGN-1854 When trying to filter a roadmap using tags that contain certain special characters (such as &), the tag search will HTML encode those characters
JIRAALIGN-1935 The Jira Project field resets when selecting additional fields on new story creation
Team Room  
JIRAALIGN-1687 When viewing the Team Room for a Kanban team, a user-specific view does not display when clicking on the user's picture
JIRAALIGN-1912 Entering a long name in the Strategic Initiative field causes some fields to shift position
JIRAALIGN-1913 Entering a long name in the Strategic Initiative field causes some fields to overlap
Work Tree  
JIRAALIGN-956 In the Work's Tree Theme Group View, all child work items do not display when nothing is selected in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-1291 In the Work Tree's Strategy View, the Show Parent Level toggle does not remain disabled if a user switches it off
JIRAALIGN-1551 Capabilities do not display under epics in the Work Tree's Strategy View until the user adds the epic's main program to the capability's Additional Programs list
JIRAALIGN-778 Deactivated users receive email notifications from Jira Align
JIRAALIGN-1799 Announcements do not retain line breaks
JIRAALIGN-1863 Checklist item descriptions are hidden by the horizontal scrollbar
JIRAALIGN-1865 When a program increment is not selected in the Configuration bar, on some pages throughout Jira Align, users cannot select a program increment using the Program Increment dropdown filter on the page. 
JIRAALIGN-1907 Timestamps for feature updates take several hours to update in the Jira Align database
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