Release Notes for 10.72


The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Enhancements and Features

Estimation Conversions settings menu

The Monte Carlo / Forecast Setup settings menu found at Administration > Platform > Portfolio has been renamed to Estimation Conversions

We've updated the available entry fields in the menu and added some new conversions:

  • Removed the Low and High columns
  • Renamed the Most Likely column to Estimated Story Points
  • Added Member Weeks: calculated as Team Weeks * 6 (assuming six members per team)
  • Added FTE/mo (full-time equivalents per month): calculated as Member Weeks / 4 (assuming an average of four weeks per month)
  • Added Hours: calculated as Member Weeks * (6 * 5) (assuming six-hour workdays, five days per week)


These estimation types were added to support users that bring estimations in from spreadsheets that may use these values. In the future, we'll look to use these values and conversions in various locations for resource planning. 

Performance: Users dropdown replacement

For better user experience with a long list of users, we changed the type of dropdown to load the list by portions. These changes were applied to user-related fields for checklists, scrum of scrums meetings, specifications, risks, and objectives.


Performance: Team Room

Database usage has been optimized to enable better performance when accessing and using the Team Room.

Release Vehicle APIs

We've added update APIs for release vehicles, with the ability to run put and patch commands. 

(Moved to 10.73) Strategy Room: New pyramid and work item links

Coming soon: an updated, more robust version of the Strategy Pyramid, inside the Strategy Room. This enhancement was scheduled to be part of 10.72, but due to technical changes, you'll see the new pyramid in version 10.73


Defect Fixes



JIRAALIGN-970 The Move to Position command isn’t saving an item’s new position after refreshing the Backlog page
JIRAALIGN-1343 All available sprints are automatically selected when viewing the Story Backlog with a team specified in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-425 Web browser commands to open a link in a new tab from right-click menus do not work when viewing a Backlog page with filters applied
JIRAALIGN-1408 Progress and Story Points columns are calculating results differently between the Epics Backlog and Features Backlog
JIRAALIGN-1257 Kanban team dependencies are not displayed on the Dependencies page after applying a Need By filter
JIRAALIGN-601 The Personas field inside the Benefits tab of an epic’s Details slide-out panel appears to accept invalid entries and does not issue an error message after saving
JIRAALIGN-487  Date fields behave incorrectly inside the Time/Skills tab of epic Details slide-out panels
JIRAALIGN-1271  Some epics are erroneously displayed as capabilities
JIRAALIGN-1173  Epics associated with multiple programs cannot be located when filtering by Program in the Recycle Bin
JIRAALIGN-909 Charts and tooltips inside the Key Metrics menu of the Ideation page are not calculated correctly
Jira Connector  
JIRAALIGN-10754 An invalid warning message displays on the Administration > Jira Management > Jira Boards settings page after removing some sprints
JIRAALIGN-1421  Users are able to add more than one acceptance criteria entry to features synced with Jira through the Acceptance Criteria column on the Features page
Program Board  
JIRAALIGN-1422 External dependencies not related to a filtered epic are erroneously displayed on the Program Board
JIRAALIGN-1208  Objective titles are not displayed when using the Normal View of the Program Board
JIRAALIGN-546  Unrelated items are displayed on the Program Board when filtering by Release Vehicle in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-887  Multi-program features do not display when viewing a Program Board filtered by a non-primary program
JIRAALIGN-1273 Scope lines within burnup charts on the PI Progress report use identical calculations for features and stories
JIRAALIGN-1232 Some closed risks are not displayed on the Program Tracking report
JIRAALIGN-1427  The Tags filter inside the Status Reports page does not return correct results when searching for valid entries
JIRAALIGN-1475 The Story Completion Ratio report fails to load after selecting a team
 JIRAALIGN-1437 Attempting to filter the Roadmaps page by Owner sometimes returns no data and displays network errors
JIRAALIGN-951 Splitting a story causes the original story’s state to change to In-Progress
Team Room  
JIRAALIGN-1459 The current day is not accounted for in the Progress widget of the Team Room
JIRAALIGN-1375  Some users experience long loading times when accessing the Team Room
JIRAALIGN-1467 New program teams are not displayed on the Teams grid page after creation
JIRAALIGN-739  Inactive teams are displayed on pages, reports, panels, and as selections in team dropdown fields
JIRAALIGN-1476 Disabled theme groups continue to display as available selections inside the Theme Group dropdown in a theme’s Details slide-out panel
Time Tracking  
JIRAALIGN-1370 The Approve All button returns an error when attempting to approve multiple timesheets from the Time Approval page
JIRAALIGN-1021 Users are able to access the personas link that should only be accessible to Super Admin roles
JIRAALIGN-529 The users API continues to show a manager assignment to a user, after a manager’s permissions are removed
Sending a whoami query for a non-Super Admin user to the 2.0 users API results in a 401 Unauthorized error code
JIRAALIGN-1350 User dropdown fields take a very long time to load and display results when there are many active users
JIRAALIGN-1425 Imported users are unable to access checklists they have permissions to through user roles
JIRAALIGN-1585 Attempting to import a list of users results in a 500 internal server error
Work Tree  
JIRAALIGN-1477 The story gauge on the Work Tree report displays a count of stories that does not match data in the Stories grid page
JIRAALIGN-1331 The Team View of the Work Tree report does not filter data by a PI selected in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-1420 State and Type icons are missing when viewing an epic with associated multi-program capabilities
JIRAALIGN-1381 Entries in the navigation menu are not updated when the term Program is updated in the Platform Terminology settings page
JIRAALIGN-960 Super Admin users cannot view a Brainstorming Session until they are manually added to the session
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