Release Notes for 10.71


The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Enhancements and Features

Performance: Changes grid redesign

On the Changes page, we added new control for grid filtering by time period for better user experience. There are several predefined time period options and a possibility to filter by custom date range. Custom date ranges are limited to a maximum of 12 months, but can be applied to any time period in the past.


Records from the last 7 days are displayed by default on the page.

Performance: Release Vehicle dropdown replacement

For better user experience with a long list of release vehicles, we changed the type of dropdown to load the list by portions. These changes were applied to features, stories, and defects.


Performance: Image sizes

We optimized the size of system images on the Nav menu and on the home page.

Release Vehicle APIs

We added create and read APIs for release vehicles. In an upcoming release, we’ll be adding update APIs.

Defect Fixes



JIRAALIGN-885 Assessment Results does not display assessment responses
JIRAALIGN-1359 Epics from the unassigned backlog aren't listed in Orphan Objects
 JIRAALIGN-641 Page-level Apply Filters options filter child work items in the backlog
JIRAALIGN-742 Filtering the Capability Backlog by Capability Owner prevents features with other owners from displaying 
JIRAALIGN-928 Team role label displays in the Chat
JIRAALIGN-1380 When viewing all dependencies, the view is reset to Your Requests when clicking Next, First, or Last
JIRAALIGN-1158 Parent Capability and Parent Epic fields truncate to 50 characters and don't display tooltips when hovered over
JIRAALIGN-889  Inactive products can be associated with features
JIRAALIGN-1277 500 error occurs when accessing public URL 


Users cannot access the Ideation portal 


"Whoops" error occurs when navigating to Ideation grid 
 Jira Connector  
JIRAALIGN-1075  "Multiple Jira Sprints mapped to a Jira Align Sprint" error displays when the errant sprints are removed from board
 Program Board  
JIRAALIGN-1402 Features with the Supporting type aren't displayed on the Program Board
 Release Vehicles  
JIRAALIGN-1494 When editing from Details panels of features, defects, and stories, the Release Vehicle field contains multiple null values.
JIRAALIGN-1078 Process Step Cycle Time report doesn't filter by Configuration bar selections
JIRAALIGN-975 Epics without children don't appear in the Program Tracking report when the instance and portfolio have capabilities disabled
JIRAALIGN-1110  Color scheme and thresholds for Program Allocation report do not match what is defined in the legend or in the documentation
JIRAALIGN-1382 Work in Process by Value Stream report fails to load
 JIRAALIGN-693 External dependencies don't display in the Program Tracking report
 JIRAALIGN-1317 Feature association with risks is not interactive
 JIRAALIGN-702 Sorting doesn't persist when applying a filter or re-accessing the roadmap
JIRAALIGN-890 "These Release Vehicles belong to a different Program Increment" message displays when no release vehicles are selected
JIRAALIGN-717  Users with the Product Owner team role can't add acceptance criteria to stories) during locked sprints
 Value Streams  
JIRAALIGN-1404 Exit criteria are reordered upon saving
 Work Tree  
JIRAALIGN-1263 After removing a Tag filter set in the Configuration bar, the Work Tree doesn't reflect the change in Configuration bar settings
JIRAALIGN-1152 When mass deleting epics, the list of epics across all program increments doesn't display when setting the PI to Select All
JIRAALIGN-1041 Global search does not work with Spanish characters
JIRAALIGN-836 When a work item has been updated, the hyperlink on the change details is missing from notification emails 
JIRAALIGN-541 Large data searches on the Change Logs results in a "Whoops" error
JIRAALIGN-1281 Gateway times out when attempting to search the Change Logs
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