Release Notes for 10.70


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Enhancements and Features

Objectives hierarchy update

We updated the objective hierarchy so that themes can only be associated with portfolio objectives. Existing relationships between themes and program or solution objectives have been retained and will continue to display on grid pages.

Score-based key results

We've added Score as a new metric type when creating key results. This type allows you to use the 0.0-1.0 scoring scale with custom criteria. After creating a score key result, a window displays that lets you define success criteria for each decimal value.


No Score indicator for objectives and key results

When viewing strategies, objectives, or key results, users will see N/S (No Score) when there are no metric values to display. For example:

  • A key result will display N/S if it has no current score override and no value updates.
  • A strategy or objective will display N/S if it doesn't have a score override and if it doesn't have any key result metric values.
  • If an objective has two key results, one with a score of 0.5 and the other with N/S, then the objective's score will display as 0.25.

These changes will be applied everywhere scores are shown (work item Details panels, Strategy Room, Objective Tree, Backlog, etc.).

Not equal to filtering added to work item grids

Users can now select a not equal to () operator when filtering work item grid pages: 

  • Sprints
  • Teams
  • People
  • Risks
  • Objectives
  • Dependencies
  • Ideas
  • Themes
  • Epics
  • Capabilities
  • Features
  • Stories
  • Tasks
  • Defects

We’ll continue to add support for this operator on other grids in future releases.

Forecast usability improvements

We've made a couple of enhancements to the Forecast page:

  • Remaining allocation values will turn red in real-time if a program or team has been over-allocated. This enables users to quickly see the impacts of new or adjusted estimates.

  • When scrolling horizontally, work item names are locked so that users can easily enter or review estimates for a specific work item.

Speed time to integrate Jira teams with Jira Align

Previously, users had to wait 2-4 hours for the normal board timer sync to complete before they could verify sprint mappings and import the team’s Jira backlog.

In the Jira Align 10.70 release, we enhanced the “Jira Integration” page to show newly added boards that have not yet synced from Jira. Now, users can add boards, run a custom board sync (from the Jira Integration page) with only the newly added boards, and within minutes, verify sprint mappings and import the team’s Jira backlog. For step by step instructions, please view the best practices community post here.

Jira Project field moved in Details slide-out panels

The Jira Project field is now displayed directly under the Program field(s) inside of work item Details slide-out panels, to ensure the field is more visible. The field displays in Details panels when a program is integrated with a Jira project.




JIRAALIGN-598    Available values displayed in the Functional Area filter are not scoped by selections made in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-1365 Page load errors occur when attempting to open the Status Report link within a capability Details panel
JIRAALIGN-616 The Risk ROAM report is not displayed as an option when creating a Step Link for a new checklist
JIRAALIGN-1298 Users are able to save dependencies with missing required fields 
JIRAALIGN-1353 Dependencies shared between two portfolios do not display on the Dependencies grid page when the proper portfolio and PI are selected in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-1171  Charts found in the Epic Planning link accessed from an epic's Details panel do not respect filtering by PI 


Progress bars found in the Epic Planning link accessed from an epic's Details panel do not display data when child capabilities exist 


The Customers field for epics is limited to 100 characters, while the same field for features has a limit of 1,000 characters
JIRAALIGN-770  The View Info preview does not display the correct column name for parent capabilities when importing features
JIRAALIGN-1357  Deactivated users retain access to an external idea portal
JIRAALIGN-593  Legacy branding displays in external idea portals
Kanban Boards  
JIRAALIGN-1384  The Move Item To command accessed from a work item card lists column descriptions instead of column names
JIRAALIGN-1013  Notification emails sent as a result of new Discussion entries do not contain links to work items
JIRAALIGN-1239  Expired announcements display on SSO error pages
JIRAALIGN-1210  Key results data is not included when exporting objectives 
JIRAALIGN-626  The Tier column on the Objectives grid page does not reflect platform terminology changes
JIRAALIGN-877  After assigning Delivered Values to an objective, a warning message advises users to mark the objective Complete, while the correct status is Done
JIRAALIGN-1137  Team/Program/Portfolio Objectives grid pages are displaying all tiers of objectives instead of the specific tier in the page name
JIRAALIGN-1090 / JIRAALIGN-1027 Users assigned to portfolio teams are not listed in work item Owner fields 
JIRAALIGN-1293  All tasks erroneously display as enablement tasks within the Sprint Status report 
JIRAALIGN-1320  Inconsistent verbiage when hovering over task progress bars in the Sprint Status report 
JIRAALIGN-1349  Some special characters are displayed as HTML code in Status Report titles
JIRAALIGN-454  Commas are missing from large values displayed when hovering over charts in the Investment vs. Actuals report
JIRAALIGN-1337 Some labels are formatted poorly in the Strategic Driver Allocation report 
JIRAALIGN-1084 Some columns are misaligned when viewing an organization structure from the Status Reports page 
JIRAALIGN-1284  Some users are listed multiple times when viewing sprint assignments
Strategy Room  
JIRAALIGN-1368  Defining a strategic snapshot in Advanced Configuration results in page load errors 
JIRAALIGN-1336  Edits made to missions, visions, and goals limit the Description field to 100 characters 
JIRAALIGN-1118  The Tags filter does not work when applied to the Stories grid page
JIRAALIGN-1345  The Level of Effort value displayed on the Stories grid page does not update immediately after editing a story
JIRAALIGN-1351  Changing a program name does not update the program team's name in grid pages
Time Tracking  
JIRAALIGN-1362  Exporting a large data set results in error messages displayed in the output file
JIRAALIGN-1371  Unable to copy an existing system role 
JIRAALIGN-1363  Users are unable to access Administration > Email after enabling the correct system role toggle  
JIRAALIGN-1235  Non-Super Admin users are able to view portfolios they do not have access to when accessing Administration > Portfolios  
JIRAALIGN-1366  Usernames that contain apostrophes are displaying incorrectly in work item Owner fields  
JIRAALIGN-837  Typo inside Audit Log message for timezones
JIRAALIGN-1367  Some pages saved to the Favorites section of the left-hand menu do not respect platform terminology changes
JIRAALIGN-1356  Strategic Backlog erroneously displays Strategy Management as the page title
JIRAALIGN-1017  Accessing https://<instance-name>/support.asp for a Jira Align instance redirects to the incorrect support portal
JIRAALIGN-1355  Resizing does not work correctly when adding a new image to a Framework Map
JIRAALIGN-910  Fullscreen view is not persisted when accessing a child work item from a parent work item's Details panel

Jira Align BI Enhancements and Features

Release Highlights

  • We filled in time tracking gaps.
  • We added the Parking Lot Flag to core work items.
  • We cleaned up objects for Jira boards, Jira projects, and work code.
  • We added additional foreign keys to risks, release vehicles and users.
  • We added a Tag List CSV view. 

New Tables

Organization String Path

Export_dw schema view. Identical to the Organization object, except that it replaces the hierarchy ID-based [Organization Structure Path] with an NVARCHAR(MAX) column of the same name. The BI API GetTable operation does not support the hierarchy IDD, so this was created as an alternate view to call the same data via API.

Tag List CSV

Distinct list of Tag contents in CSV form

  • [Tag List ID] INT NOT NULL - Primary key of the table. Matches [FK Tag List ID] foreign key in work item tables
  • [Tag List] NVARCHAR(MAX) NOT NULL - CSV formated list of tag values

Updated Tables


Added column

  • [Parking Log Flag] - Indicates that the work item has been put in the parking lot with a "Yes"/"No" value


Added column

  • [Parking Log Flag] - Indicates that the work item has been put in the parking lot with a "Yes"/"No" value


Added column

  • [Parking Log Flag] - Indicates that the work item has been put in the parking lot with a "Yes"/"No" value


Added column

  • [Parking Log Flag] - Indicates that the work item has been put in the parking lot with a "Yes"/"No" value

Jira Board

Renamed - The original object was "Jira_Board". The "Jira Board" object was created to maintain consistency with naming conventions. The old object was not removed; both return the same content

Jira Project

Renamed - The original object was "Jira_Project". The "Jira Project" object was created to maintain consistency with naming conventions. The old object was not removed; both return the same content

MAP Objective to Capability

Added column

  • [MAP Objective Capability ID] - Row identifier for the table

Added export_dw schema view

MAP Objective to Epic

 Added column
  • [MAP Objective Epic ID] - Row identifier for the table

Added export_dw schema view

Release Vehicle

 Added column

  • [FK Product ID] - Foreign Key to [Product].[Product ID]


Added column

  • [FK Capability Relationship ID] - Foreign key to [Capability].[Capability ID]

Tag List

 Added column
  • [Tag Value ID] - Identifies the individual tag values in the tag list


 Added foreign key

  • [FK Cost Center ID] INT - Foreign key to [Cost Center].[Cost Center ID]

MAP Billing Code to Work Code

Added columns

  • [MAP Billing Code to Work Code ID]

  • [Deleted Flag]

  • [Date DW Modified]

Time Sheet

Added column

  • [Date Status Changed] 
  • [FK User Changed Status By ID] - Foreign key to [User].[User ID] identifying the user that changed the status.

Work Code

Added columns to better support exporting

  • [Deleted Flag]

  • [Date DW Modified]


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