Release Notes for 10.69


The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Enhancements and Features

Trello connector now live!

Announced at the Atlassian Summit, you can now connect your Trello teams to teams already living in Jira Align. Sync each board as a kanban team, cards as work items, and track the progress of that team’s work against your program objectives.

Try this out for your development teams and supporting teams operating in Trello. If you're unfamiliar with supporting teams, they're teams like product design and documentation, who aren’t focused on development or QA, but still closely support the delivery streams tracked in Jira Align.

Check out the Trello Integration Guide, our blog post here, and reach out to your solution architect or customer success manager to get started.

New Links tray on work items

We added new Links tray to the bottom of work item details panels to provide quick access to important links. All existing External Links and External References have been converted to links. In addition, if the work item was created from an idea in Ideation, a link back to the original idea will display.


Improved Ideation views

We added two new ways to view ideas in the external Ideation portal. My Ideas displays all ideas the you've submitted. My subscriptions displays all ideas you've subscribed to. To support these filters, we added a Created by attribute to all ideas. When an idea is created, the user who creates the idea will be set as both the Created by user and the idea's Owner, although the owner can be changed. For existing ideas, the current owner will be set to the user who created the idea.




Roadmaps enhancements

  • You can now change the color of items on the roadmaps by a group attribute, improving the ability to differentiate the groups when viewing or sharing roadmaps.

  • Team and Strategic Driver were added to the Group by options. The Team option is only available for features and is based on the children stories' team assignment. The Strategic Driver option is only available for epics.

  • Applied filters now persist when refreshing the page or navigating away and coming back to roadmaps.

  • Theme Group and Type were added as filter options. Type is only available for the feature, capability, and epic roadmap views.

New API 2.0 resources and endpoints

  • We added a new resource for Ideation. You can now create and get ideas.

  • We added new endpoints were added to the User resource so that you can assign users to teams with a team role.


Defect Fixes



Jira Connector
JIRAALIGN-1205 The Jira Boards tab does not reflect updates made to Jira Align team names
JIRAALIGN-1188 Updates to Agile team names aren't reflected in the Team column of Administration > Jira Management > Jira Boards
JIRAALIGN-663 Syncing a read-only feature's Program Increment field from Jira to Jira Align does not sync Unassigned Backlog values 
JIRAALIGN-1164 Users can create multiple state mappings for the same Jira state 
JIRAALIGN-874 Portfolio changes whenever a different backlog view is selected
JIRAALIGN-1256 Users can't pull rank from parent capabilities on the Feature Backlog
JIRAALIGN-824 A blank page displays when users apply the Customers filter on the Feature Backlog 
IRAALIGN-1310 Incorrect tooltip for Points displays on the backlog's Kanban View
JIRAALIGN-1328 If Team is set as a required field, users cannot save changes to their defects
JIRAALIGN-1261 Depends On team cannot select stories from the team's PI and program
JIRAALIGN-1225 An EOF exception occurs when accessing an empty recordset on the Epics page
JIRAALIGN-1311 Users can add risks, objectives, and dependencies to epics when their system role permissions do not allow it
JIRAALIGN-1244 Team weeks and other numbers are not in number format on the export file
JIRAALIGN-1276 Users can misalign the PI on features with the PI on their parent epics
JIRAALIGN-1292 Users can add multi-program features to programs where Approach is turned off
JIRAALIGN-1297 Approach column doesn't display the value set on a feature's Details panel
JIRAALIGN-1304 Parent field contains an extra space between 'Parent' and colon
JIRAALIGN-653 Importing work items with duplicate names overwrites the existing data in the application, causing data corruption
JIRAALIGN-1285 Users are able to modify a portfolio name to a name that already exists in Jira Align
Program Board   
JIRAALIGN-650 When a kanban team is selected as a Depends On team and assigns a Commited By date to a dependency for a feature, the feature displays as red on the Program Board
JIRAALIGN-1104 Epic rank does not display on the Epic Analytics report
JIRAALIGN-1312 Sprint Scope Changes report fails to load
JIRAALIGN-1233  Progress By Objective Burndown labels incorrectly use 'Points'
JIRAALIGN-1341 Apostrophes in Health comments are duplicated on Status Reports
JIRAALIGN-1071 Feature Roadmap ranking doesn't match the backlog when multiple PIs are selected in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-597 Chat still displays after the Enable Conversations option is turned off in Platform Settings
Strategy Room 
JIRAALIGN-1295 Progress charts aren't aligned when using custom terminology
Team Meetings 
JIRAALIGN-1212 In Team Retrospective meetings, actions from past sprints cannot be marked Done or Abandoned
Team Room 
JIRAALIGN-1324 / JIRAALIGN-1299 Unable to load chat in the Team Room

Anchor Dates tab only shows anchor sprints that have an end date that is after the team creation date

Value Streams 

Process Step column on the Backlog and Features pages does not match the terminology used on value streams

Work Tree

Incorrect wording in view titles. 'Bottoms Up View from Story' should read 'Bottom-Up View from Story'


In checklists, users cannot turn the Use Video/Ext Link option off


Impersonation does not limit access to just the common portfolios 


Manage Requesters system role toggle is not displayed


Super Admins can turn off Administration privileges for the Super Admin system role


Configuration bar is disconnected from the top of the page when users view the Time Tracking page


Platform Terminology changes aren't reflected in the Nav Menu search 

Jira Align BI Enhancements and Features

Release Highlights

  • We added a new table for Objective History.
  • We added a new table for Work Item Process Step Assignment History.
  • We added a new table for Hypothesis Assumption.
  • We added a Value tab to the Capability table.
  • We extended Time Tracking by adding Administration Code, Blended Rate, Employee Classification, Holiday, Standard Task, Time Tracking Period along with their related mapping tables.

Platform Improvements

  • We improved the read performance of the Audit Log.
  • We updated schema and load logic for Customer, Work Code, Custom Field, Agile Object, Billing Code, User Login, Time Entry, Time Sheet, MAP Objective to Team, Test Case, Test Case Step.

New Tables

<Work Item> Process Step Assignment History

History table for state changes to Process Step Assignment for each work item type (theme, epic, capability, feature, story)

  • [Process Step Assignment History ID]
  • [Assignment End Date]
  • [Assignment Start Date]
  • [FK Capability ID]
  • [FK Process Step ID]
  • [FK User Assigned By ID]
  • [FK Value Stream ID]
Capability Value  Value tab scorecard records for the capability. Unique row for each question answer per capability. Rows only exist for answered questions.
[Score Card Name] - Text name of the scorecard to which this answer is associated.
  • [Question ID] - Unique identifier for question. Each epic will only have one row for each question answered.
  • [Question] - Scorecard question for this answer
  • [Question Points] - Scorecard points associated to this question
  • [Answer Text] - Text description associated with answer
  • [Answer Score] - Score value for answer
  • [FK Capability ID] - Foreign Key to Capablity.[Capability ID]"
Hypothesis Assumption Assumption attributes related to a work item Hypothesis
  • [Hypothesis Assumption ID]
  • [Assumption Name]
  • [Assumption State]
  • [Assumption Type]
  • [FK Agile Object ID]
  • [FK Capability ID]
  • [FK Epic ID]
  • [FK Feature ID]
Objective History History table for the Objective object
Administration Code Time Tracking (time schema) - Administration Code master table
MAP Administration Code Cost Center Time Tracking (time schema) - Mapping table for Administration Codes to Cost Centers
MAP Administration Code Employee Classification Time Tracking (time schema) - Mapping table for Administration Codes to Employee Classifications
MAP Administration Code Work Code Time Tracking (time schema) - Mapping table for Administration Codes to Work Codes
Blended Rate Time Tracking (time schema) - Blended Rate master table
Employee Classification Time Tracking (time schema) - Employee Classification master table
MAP Holiday Employee Classification Time Tracking (time schema) - Mapping table for Holiday to Employee Classification 
Holiday Time Tracking (time schema) - Holiday master table
Standard Task Time Tracking (time schema) - Standard Task master table
Time Tracking Period Time Tracking (time schema) - Time Tracking Period master table
MAP Time Tracking Period Employee Classification Time Tracking (time schema) - Mapping table for Time Period to Employee Classifications

Updated Tables

Billing Code

Added columns

  • [Billing Code Company]
  • [Standardized Task Set]
  • [Approved Flag]
  • [FK Release Vehicle ID]


Bug Fix - In certain cases, [FK Theme ID] could be changed without updating [Date DW Modified]


Added export_dw schema view


Added [FK Tag List ID] column, foreign key to [Tag List].[Tag List ID] to identify Tags


Bug Fix - In certain cases, [FK Theme ID] could be changed without updating [Date DW Modified]


Added [FK User Impersonation ID] to identify impersonating user in log records. Added to Capability, Defect, Dependency, Epic, Feature, Goal, Objective, Program Increment, Program, Release Vehicle, Risk, Sprint, Story, Strategic Snapshot, Success Criteria, Task, Team, Test Case and Theme Log tables.

MAP Objective to Team 

Added export_dw schema view

MAP Value Stream to Customer

Added export_dw schema view

MAP Value Stream to Program

Added export_dw schema view


Added [Active Flag] attribute ("Yes"/"No" value)

Standard Task 

Time Tracking (time schema) - Added Foreign key to Standard Task - [FK Standard Task ID] 

Work Code 

Added export_dw schema view 

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