Release Notes for 10.68


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Enhancements and Features

Note: As we continue to develop major enhancements around objectives, objective import functionality is temporarily unavailable beginning in version 10.68. We'll update you in future release notes when the functionality has been reinstated.

Objectives relationship mapping

We’ve added mapping between objective levels and work item types. Mappings are portfolio-specific, and control what work item type displays as an additional section in an objective's Details panel. Access the Objective Mappings link from a portfolio's Details panel to make changes:



  • If you have previously associated more than one work item type with an existing objective, work items not mapped to that objective level retain their relationships and will impact reports, but will not display in Details panels.
  • The Individual Tier section displays in the Manage Objective Mappings dialog but does not currently impact data.  

Objectives Tree report enhancements

We’ve added a list view option to the Objectives Tree report to provide another way to visualize your objective/goal hierarchy and key results:


We’ve also added tabs to the top of the page that correspond to each level of objective or goal hierarchy:


In the list view, only objectives or goals at the level of the selected tab will display as top-level rows. Child objectives and goals can be viewed by expanding each row

In the family tree view, selecting a tab will filter the choices in the Choose Root dropdown menu; only objectives or goals at the selected level will be available.

Version 2 of REST API

We’ve launched the first release of the newest Jira Align REST API, version 2. Not all functions in version 1 of the API are currently available in version 2. Review our REST API 2.0 overview for more information, including a full listing of the available objects and commands.


Defect Fixes



Jira Connector
JIRAALIGN-1077 Searching for a Jira Board with a long name in Administration > Jira Management > Jira Boards does not return any results
Azure DevOps Connector
JIRAALIGN-913 The Azure DevOps Link Template field should be required in the connector settings Details panel
JIRAALIGN-1268 External video links are not working
JIRAALIGN-1219 Users added to the Notify field are not receiving email notifications
JIRAALIGN-1219 No notification emails are sent after editing the Title or Description fields 
JIRAALIGN-1183 Child work items with long names extend beyond text box boundaries in the Epic Planning view 
JIRAALIGN-1228 The Additional Programs field is erroneously updated when a child capability that has a matching additional program is assigned to an epic
JIRAALIGN-1260 Opening a new epic from the backlog nests Details panels within each other
JIRAALIGN-1270 Tags are lost when a feature is promoted to an epic
JIRAALIGN-1185 Vague error displays when attempting to add rows or columns to the Feature Maps page
Kanban Boards   
JIRAALIGN-1250 Cumulative Flow report crashes after selecting new start and end dates
Program Increments   
JIRAALIGN-1258 PI cannot be deleted after removing all related milestones 
JIRAALIGN-1286 Start Date and Finish Date fields are cleared when creating a new program increment 
Program Room   
JIRAALIGN-1182 Team Load widget on Program Room does not support alternative character sets
JIRAALIGN-1290 Program Increment Progress report displays incorrect dates when hovering over the burndown line
JIRAALIGN-1197 Program Increment Progress report displays incorrect end dates on all views
JIRAALIGN-1048 The Drill Down > Themes > None Applicable view of the Program Increment Progress report does not respect filters set in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-1280 Work in Process By State and Work in Process By Step reports have incorrect labels for stand-alone features
JIRAALIGN-1081 Value Stream Process Step Cycle Time report takes over 60 seconds to load
JIRAALIGN-1231 Removed features do not display in the Scope Change report
JIRAALIGN-1134 Features do not display in the Program Tracking report
JIRAALIGN-1194 The list of choices displayed in the Epics filter does not respect filters set in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-1216 The State column sorts by alphabetical state name instead of state sequence
JIRAALIGN-1251 Users are not informed when moving a sprint to a new PI that the sprint dates are mapped to the first anchor sprint 
JIRAALIGN-1022 Unable to upload and attach files to a story: Error 403 - Access Denied
JIRAALIGN-1220 Developer roles are unable to modify Acceptance Criteria when a story is in the Unassigned Backlog
JIRAALIGN-1247 A timeout error displays when attempting to view the Teams grid page after deleting a program
JIRAALIGN-1123 The Strategic Initiative field cannot be modified from Details Panels Settings
JIRAALIGN-1179 Dollar amount maximums are not consistent between the Planned Budget field of themes and the Total Budget field of strategic snapshots
JIRAALIGN-875 The Budget field of a theme is not displayed on the Strategy Room unless a child epic is associated
JIRAALIGN-1206 Audit log is empty after creating a new user in an instance with SSO enabled
JIRAALIGN-1264 Several role permission toggles have no effect on user permissions and make no changes
JIRAALIGN-1221 Parent role permission toggles remain switched-on after switching-off all child toggles
JIRAALIGN-846 Searching for a user by typing both their first and last name does not return any results in work item Discussion links
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