Release Notes for 10.66


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Enhancements and Features

State field visibility

We've moved the state field to a more prominent location in Details panels for defects, tasks, stories, features, capabilities, epics, themes, and risks. You can now find the drop-down in the upper-right corner of work item panels. 

A helper message will display the first time a user opens a Details panel to notify them of the change. Once the message is dismissed, it will not display again. 


Defect Fixes by Area


  • We updated the Portfolios setup page to respect filtering choices made in the Configuration bar.
  • We resolved an error where users could not update email addresses with a top-level domain (TLD) longer than three characters. For example, users could enter values of “”, but could not enter “”. Email address fields now support any valid TLD, regardless of length. 


  • We fixed an issue on the Capabilities page where PI selections made in the Configuration bar would not filter data in the grid.


  • We fixed an issue where epic Case Development custom fields created within a portfolio were not properly inherited by a newly-created program. 
  • We resolved an issue where epics would not update and instead would show a server error.


  • We fixed an issue where the Total Items field on the Defect Backlog page was not displaying the correct count of items.


  • We updated the Copy Allocations function, found within the Members tab of a sprint’s Details panel, to support teams that contain ampersands (&) in their names.

Release Vehicles

  • We corrected an issue where users would see a new, blank Details panel after deleting a release vehicle from the Release Vehicles page. Users are now returned to the page after deletion. 

Program Room

  • We updated links to burnup charts in the Program Room to respect platform terminology settings. For example, if you’ve changed the default name for Program Increment to “Release”, the related link in the Program room will display as “Release Burnup.”


  • We fixed a performance issue that caused long wait times when attempting to close the Customize Your Columns menu from Backlog pages. 

Test Cases

  • We fixed an issue where entering values between 0-100 in the Estimate field would result in an error message.


  • We corrected the initial load of the Detailed Team Velocity report to display data from the most recent sprint. Previously, the report would display data from older sprints. 
  • We resolved an issue on the PI Clean-up report where standalone features assigned to themes were not displayed. 
  • We fixed a loading and timeout error some users experienced when accessing the Portfolio Quality Tracking report.
  • We corrected a visual alignment issue with the x-axis on the Program Predictability report. 


  • We resolved an issue when closing a child work item’s Details panel, accessed from an open parent work item’s Details panel. Previously, both slide-out panels would close when clicking the Close or Save and Close buttons. Now, only the child work item’s panel is closed, leaving the parent’s Details panel open. 
  • We resolved timeout errors some users experienced when attempting to access Details panels for features and dependencies.
  • We resolved a time issue in audit logs where updates to Description fields were erroneously displaying five hours ahead of actual time.
  • We corrected an issue when creating new steps in Checklists, where some entries in the Description field were shortened without warning. Now, the full text entered into a step’s Description field is saved.




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