Release Notes for 10.65


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Enhancements and Features

Role setup for Detail Panels Settings

We added a Detail Panels Configuration system role toggle under the Administration section to allow users with different system roles access to the Details Panels Settings. Additional toggles were also added to further manage permissions to access and manage the Details Panel Settings at specific work item levels.


Role setup to export features, stories and tasks

We added a system role toggle for Export Stories/Task/Features to configure the ability to export stories, tasks, and features. By default, this toggle has been switched off. The new toggle can be found under Additional Options > Permissions. 


Locked Accepted State

Previously, when users did not have access to change stories to Accepted, the Accepted wouldn’t display as an option in the State dropdown menu. This caused confusion for users who expected to see the option even though their role on the team did not allow it. All users will now see the Accepted state as an option. Users who aren’t able to change stories to Accepted will see a lock icon next to the Accepted state, along with messaging that they cannot move the story to Accepted.


Search and filters on the Jira Boards page

On the Jira Management > Boards page, new search and filter functionality was added to the column headers. Now, you can search and filter by Jira board name, Jira Align program name, Jira Align team name, or whether or not the Jira board has sync issues.


Program Increment Progress Burndown enhancements

During ongoing program increments, the Program Increment Burndown by Feature and Program Increment Burndown by Story charts now display Predicted, Optimistic, and Pessimistic trends to predict when work in the PI will be complete. The average velocity of the previous 10 completed sprints within the PI is used to determine the trends.

For estimates that extend beyond the PI end date when these trends display, the chart date range expands to fully display all three trends, with the PI end date marked as a gray dotted line.


Defect Fixes by Area


  • We corrected an issue where using an ad blocker in the browser would hide controls from the Details Panels Settings.
  • We fixed an issue where using an ad blocker in the browser would hide the Custom Fields, Reset Defaults, and Save buttons.


  • After opening a capability’s details from an epic’s Details panel, clicking the Save & Add New button on the capability’s Details panel would incorrectly close the capability’s details. Now, clicking the button opens a panel where you can create a new capability.


  • We corrected an issue where a 500 error would display when accessing dependencies.
  • We resolved an issue on the dependency wheel where lines would display even though there were no dependencies.


  • We fixed an issue where users couldn’t enter decimal values for Member Weeks or Team Weeks on an epic’s Forecast tab.
  • We fixed an issue where all customers associated with capability wouldn’t display on the parent epic.


  • When turning off the Multiple Programs feature toggle, the Approach field was still visible. Now, the Approach field is not visible when Multiple Programs is turned off.

Import and Export

  • We resolved an issue where acceptance criteria could not be added to stories using the import template.
  • We resolved an issue where custom field data was not included in the export file.

Program Board

  • We corrected an issue where the quick view slide-out panel on the Program Board would not display external IDs, even when the setting toggle to show external IDs was turned on.

Program Room

  • We fixed an issue where code snippets would display in the Feature by Capability view when users would click the Load More button.

Team Meetings

  • When choosing not to send an email of team meeting results, a 500 error would result. Now, users can successfully choose the option to end the meeting without sending an email.

Team Room

  • We resolved an issue where work item names displayed in the Chat widget didn’t match platform terminology preferences.

Value Maps

  • We corrected the 600 error that would occur when users would reset the value map.

Work Tree

  • We fixed an issue where type and state icons only appeared for capabilities. Now, they display for misaligned features.


  • We resolved an issue where capabilities would display on the Epic Analytics report. Now, only epics show on the report.
  • When using multiple tabs, there was an issue where a view would change to match that of another tab once work was saved and closed. Now, the view remains consistent with the filters on its tab.
  • We resolved an issue where audit logs would record that a Jira project was updated to [null] when that field was never updated.
  • We corrected an issue where notifications would send for escalations even when no changes were made.
  • We resolved an issue where notifications wouldn’t send to watchers when a new comment was added to an idea in Ideation.
  • We corrected an issue on the ‘why’ button panel where some labels (e.g. This feature has a strong effort to value ratio) would display when they did not apply to the work item.
  • We fixed an issue where the global search wouldn’t work as expected when characters like brackets or parentheses were included in the search query.
  • We fixed an issue where any user could access the Investment vs Actuals report.
  • We resolved an issue where viewing the logs in Administration would lead to a “Whoops” error due to timeouts.


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