10X: Field Dictionary for Theme Creation

The table below presents the primary fields used to create a theme in Jira Align, along with their meanings, field types, and allowable values: 

* - field can be managed using Details Panels Settings 

Data Field Required/Optional Description/Purpose Field Type Values/Validations
Title Required The theme's name. Text Free-form
Programs Optional* Ties the theme to available programs. Multi-select Programs that exist in the system, are assigned to a PI, and belong to a portfolio. User must be assigned to program.
Program Increments Optional* Ties the theme to available PIs.  Multi-select PIs that exist in system, are assigned to a portfolio,
and have at least one program assigned to it. User must be assigned to PI.
Description Optional The theme's description. Text Free-form
State Required Indicates where in the development process the theme is. Drop-down System-defined:
-Not Started
-In Progress
Active Required Indicates if theme is active or inactive. Drop-down Yes or No
Strategic Initiative Optional* Connects the theme to strategic initiative. Drop-down User-defined in the Administration module
Yearly Goals Optional* Connects the theme to a business strategy. Drop-down User-defined at enterprise level
Theme Group Optional* Provides categories/buckets to group themes. Drop-down User-defined at enterprise level
Theme Planned Budget Optional Budget before the estimation process. This enables organizations who budget at the theme level to set a high-level budget, and then compare that budget to the lower-level budgets being set on the epic to see if the initial plans and expectations are met. Number entry Any number
Dates: Portfolio Ask Optional* The estimated completion date set during the business case definition of the theme. Date Any date
Dates: Start/Initiation Optional* The planned start date for the work associated with the theme. Date Must be before Target Completion date
Dates: Target Completion Optional* The estimated completion date for the theme, set during the planning/estimation process. Date Must be after Start/Initiation
Developmental Step Optional* Part of a value stream and is used to provide a continuous flow of value through the agile process. It depends on the program you select. Drop-down User-defined at value stream level
Major Theme Optional* Identifies the theme as a major theme. This identification is used in the Theme Rank report. Toggle Yes or No
Report Color Optional Color for reporting purposes. Palette Standard color palette with RGB settings
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