Release Notes for 10.63


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Enhancements and Features

Jira Connector management improvements

On the Jira Settings page, your connector will now persist when navigating across tabs or refreshing the page.

On the Jira Settings > Jira Integration page, the Projects field is now filtered by the selected connector. This reduces the likelihood you select a project on a different connector, limiting the number of API calls made against your Jira environment. We also added the full JQL search string to the connector logs.

On the Jira Settings > Projects page, new search and filter functionality was added to the column headers. Now, you can search and filter by Jira project key, Jira project name, and Jira Align program.


Defect Fixes by Area

Capacity Planning

  • We fixed an issue where points in the Sprint Load section of Capacity Planning report didn`t match with other places (e.g. Team Room).


  • Fixed an issue where users could see that a dependency was blocked, but not why it was blocked. Now, dependency respondents and requesters can view a read-only reason of why the dependency was blocked.


  • We fixed an issue where users would receive an error message requiring them to enter a number between 1 and 100 in the Strategic Value and Effort Swag Scores fields, and the system would revert entered values back to 1. Now, these fields can be left empty if desired.
  • We fixed an issue where users couldn’t remove a Strategic Value or Effort Swag score from an epic once those values had been assigned.


  • We fixed an issue where an incorrect timestamp would display in the audit logs when changes were made to features. Now, the timestamp contains the correct date and time.
  • We fixed an issue where fields that were switched on in Page Configuration wouldn’t display above the Full Details section for features.

Goal Balancing

  • We fixed an issue where the Goal Balancing report would refresh after a Snapshot was selected.


  • We fixed an issue where users couldn’t save non-integer Key Results values. Now, you can save Key Results values that contain a decimal.

Program Room

  • We fixed an issue in the Program Room where the Team Room link redirected to the Team Room for an incorrect team. 


  • We fixed an issue where fields that were switched on in Page Configuration wouldn’t display above the Full Details section for stories.


  • We fixed an issue where task descriptions were limited to 4000 characters. Now, the limit has been increased to match that of feature, story, and defect work items.


  • We fixed an issue where users with the Team Member system role could view and edit portfolio and program teams on the Teams grid. Now, users with the role aren’t able to view and edit these team types by default.


  • We fixed an issue where dates weren't shown in the correct order on the Changes log. We also fixed timeout error and freezing issues when sorting by date.
  • Previously, audit logs wouldn’t document default values when creating items. Now, default values are recorded in the audit logs upon creation.
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