Release Notes for 10.61


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Enhancements and Features

Redesign of Jira Boards table


We updated the columns and headers on the Boards table so users know exactly what information is from Jira and what information is from Jira Align.

The Add and Save buttons have been moved to the top of the table so users can quickly add new boards.

The Delete button and checkbox for each board were replaced with a More Options menu. The Delete action is now under this menu.


The Origin Sprint column changed from a toggle to a drop-down with labels that better represent what sprints will sync from this board. 

A new yellow warning indicator will appear next to the ID with a tooltip if there are integration issues. Warnings will display if a project cannot be found for the board if the board integration has not yet completed.

Redesign of Jira Sprints table


We updated the columns and headers on the Sprints table so users know exactly what information is from Jira and what information is from Jira Align.

The Remove button and toggle was replaced with a Remove Sprint action under a More Options menu, which shows in the last column of the table.


A new yellow warning indicator will appear next sprints with a tooltip if there are mapping issues. Currently, warnings will display if:

  • The sprint is shared across boards. The tooltip will prompt users to “make sure this sprint is only on one board, or sprint mapping and assignment issues will occur."
  • Past sprints are not complete in Jira. The tooltip will prompt users to “close this sprint in Jira to avoid future sprint mapping issues."

We’ll add additional mapping issues in future releases.

List of snapshots in Portfolio Room

We now filter strategic snapshots under the Portfolio Room’s Extra Configs based on the portfolio selected. Now, users can only see snapshots that are related to the portfolio via PI assignment.

Filtering snapshots according to user access via Program Increment assignment

We added filtering of strategic snapshots in drop-down menus on the following pages:

  • Strategy Tree
  • Strategy Room
  • Strategic Backlog
  • Portfolio Funding Status
  • Budgetary Tracking
  • Goal Balancing 

In the Snapshot drop-down menu, users can only view and choose from snapshots which satisfy the rule:

User → (is assigned to) Program → (is selected in) Program Increment → (is selected in)  Snapshot.

Selections in the Configuration bar also affect the snapshots displayed on the Snapshots drop-down menus and work items displayed on these pages:

  • The Configuration bar selection will filter the list of snapshots according to the selection’s Program Increment relation. 
  • Work items on the pages will display according to the intersection of the Configuration bar and snapshot selection. Work items that are tied to the selected snapshot, but are not tied to the selected item in Context Menu won't display on the page.

Release vehicle burndown/burnups on PIP Report

When navigating to the Program Increment Progress report and clicking Drill Down, users can now filter and navigate this report by release vehicle without selecting a PI. Burndowns and burnups can now be viewed by team, program, epics, and themes by release vehicle.

Azure DevOps connector: Time zones

We fixed an issue where the connector would store timestamps without timezone information, causing discrepancies in timestamps between Jira Align and Azure DevOps.

Azure DevOps connector: Type mapping

We added flexibility around type mapping to handle scenarios where accepted values already existed across stories, features, and epics. If one type syncs back to multiple types, admins now have the option to not make a type change if another accepted value exists.

Defect Fixes by Area


  • We fixed an issue where process steps and work items were missing from the Capabilities backlog kanban process step view.


  • We fixed an issue where users were able to create some types of dependencies from work item slide-outs, even if that type was switched off. Now, dependency creation uses the following rules:
    • If all toggles are switched off for a work item, the Add button in the Dependency section won’t display on work item slide-out panels.
    • If one or more of the toggles for work items are switched on, the Add button will display, but users won’t be able to create the types of dependencies that are switched off.
  • We fixed an issue where text in the toaster message for creating a new team dependency referred to functionality that does not exist.

Earned Value

  • We fixed an issue where the incorrect label was displayed in the Agile Earned Value (Stories) chart. Now Points Complete is displayed instead of Team Weeks Complete.


  • We fixed an issue where, after removing a Jira project association from a Feature, the project key would persist on the Feature grid. Now, the project keys displayed on the grid reflect any changes made in the Feature slide-out panel.
  • Accepted epics will no longer show in the Parent drop-down menu when creating new features.


  • Previously, there was a character limit discrepancy for capability descriptions between the UI and import. Users can now import capabilities with over 1000 characters in their descriptions.

Jira Settings

  • We fixed an issue where text that was entered in the Project Name field would display in the Project Key field.

Kanban Boards

  • Changes to names of existing Kanban Board columns now save as expected.

Program Board

  • We fixed an issue with the alignment of color indicator and description on Planning Issues slide-out of Program Board and alignment of buttons on Dependencies with long names when opening them from Program Board.
  • Canceled Objectives now retain the brown coloring on the Program Board, even if other planning issues exist.

Program Increments

  • We fixed an issue where users could not save a PI after creating it.

Program Tracking

  • We fixed an issue where labels would not appear when items were not found.


  • We fixed an issue where stories and features would persist on Release Vehicle cards on the Roadmap view after they were moved to the recycle bin.
  • We fixed an issue where some users were logged out of Jira Align when accessing Roadmaps.


  • We fixed an issue where users with certain team roles could not highlight and copy story acceptance criteria for stories the user was assigned to.

Story Maps

  • We fixed an issue where the status of stories was not accurately reflected on story maps.

Team Meetings

  • We fixed an issue where users with the Team Coach team role were unable to close the Sprint Review meeting.

Work Tree

  • We fixed an issue where column headers would not display when work for an epic was expanded under a program, and no program increment is selected in the Configuration bar.


  • We fixed an issue where some users would experience a 500 error when selecting a release vehicle in the Configuration bar’s advanced configuration.

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