Release Notes for 10.58


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Enhancements and Features

Jira Bidirectional Defect Sync

The Jira Software connector now supports the bidirectional sync of defects. Previously, the creation of and updates to defects would sync in one direction, from Jira Software to Jira Align. Updates you make to defects and defects you create in Jira Align can now sync back to Jira Software. See the Jira Integration Guide for more information on how to enable this option.

Defect Fixes by Area


  • We fixed an issue on the Epic slide-out panel where an invalid tooltip would display while hovering over the Budget tab.


  • We fixed an issue on the Features grid where some users would experience a browser time-out after selecting the Access Cancelled Items option from the More Actions menu. 


  • We fixed an issue on the Stories grid where progress bars would display the incorrect default color for accepted items.


  • We fixed an issue on the Objective slide-out panel where the Type drop-down was not listing values in alphabetical order.


  • We fixed an issue when creating an impediment where the Sprint drop-down would display closed sprints as selectable options. 


  • We fixed an issue on the Teams grid where attempts to delete multiple teams would result in a browser time-out. 
  • We fixed an issue where deactivated users would display as Portfolio Team members.


  • We fixed an issue on the KPI slide-out panel where the Metric Type and Owner Type fields were being treated as a single field, and only a single radio button option could be selected. Options for each field can now be selected independently.
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