Release Notes for 10.54


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Enhancements and Features 

Themes page and backlog respect program membership

We updated the Themes grid and backlog pages to respect program membership. 

  • When a theme is associated with a program, only members of the program may view the theme on grid and backlog pages. 
  • Themes not associated with a program remain accessible to all users. 

Snapshot program increment edits respect program membership

We updated the Configurations tab inside of snapshot slide-out panels to respect program membership when a user is adding or removing PIs. 

  • In the Program Increments field, users are only able to add PIs associated with programs they have access to. 
  • Users may view PIs that belong to outside programs in the Program Increments field, but they cannot remove them from the snapshot. 

Snapshot selection on Budgetary Tracking and Goal Balancing reports

We updated the Snapshot drop-down menu found on the Budgetary Tracking and Goal Balancing reports to show only accessible snapshots.

  • For a snapshot to be available in the drop-down, it must be associated with one or more program increments that the user has access to through program membership.
  • Available snapshots in the drop-down continue to respect filters set in the Configuration bar. 

Budgetary Tracking views consolidated

We consolidated the views on the Budgetary Tracking report and removed the Views drop-down selector. The Budgetary Planning view is now the only view available

Defect Fixes by Area


  • We fixed an issue where cancelled or deleted stories could be erroneously associated with impediments.


  • We fixed an issue on the Roadmaps page where the Items Complete column in the Epic by Theme view was not filtering by selections made in the Configuration bar. 

Epic Estimation

  • We updated the Column View inside the Epic Estimation page to round the Value Score field on cards to a single decimal place. Now, Value Scores on cards match those found in the Value tab of an epic's slide-out panel. 
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