Release Notes for 10.53


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Enhancements and Features

Multi-PI selection on solution and portfolio objectives

  • For solution and portfolio objectives, users can now select multiple program increments. Though reporting for objectives are typically PI specific, objectives will now be included across multiple program increments. There was no change to program objectives.

Multi-Program selection on solution objectives

  • Solution objectives now can have multiple programs associated with them. This is an initial change towards having solution objectives tie to solutions and portfolio objectives tie to portfolios.

Target Sprint no longer required on objectives higher than the team level

  • In the page configuration for objectives, you can now turn off the requirement for target sprint. This toggle controls all objectives besides team objectives, since target sprints are always required on team objectives.

Defect Fixes by Area

Azure DevOps Connector

  • We fixed a connector issue where duplicate work items would be created when a work item with more than 1000 characters in tags was encountered.


  • We fixed an issue where the ID link of a work item on the card small view on the Process Step View was not visible. Now, the title and ID are displayed and clickable in order to view work item details.


  • We fixed an issue where program intakes weren’t inheriting the portfolio intake even if the Use Portfolio Intake toggle was switched on.


  • We fixed an issue where total points for epics were displayed incorrectly when a work item hierarchy had capabilities enabled.


  • We fixed an issue where the Setup, Manage Backlog, and Manage Ideation Users Buttons sometimes disappear for users who are admin of Ideation group. To address this, we cleaned up system behavior to the following:
    • A user with a non-Super Admin system role who is a Group Admin will see the Manage Backlog and Manage Ideation Users buttons.
    • A user with a non-Super Admin system role who isn’t a Group Admin won't see the Manage Backlog and Manage Ideation Users buttons.
    • A user with Super Admin system role will see the Manage Backlog and Manage Ideation Users buttons when they’re a Group Admin and when they’re a Group Contributor.


  • We fixed an issue where release vehicles weren’t included in the defect export.
  • We fixed an issue where user import would duplicate users when double-clicking the Import button.
  • We fixed an issue in the objective export where supporting work items weren’t delineated.

Jira Connector

  • We fixed an issue where a selected connector on the Jira Management page was reset if users navigated to the Jira Sprint or Jira Deleted Issues tabs.

Mass Delete

  • We fixed an issue where in some cases, mass delete and restoration from the recycle bin would result in data loss in multiple fields.


  • We fixed an issue where the unplanned work item column didn’t display the entire column title and work names. Now, the column is wide enough to display text fully.

Work in Process by State

  • We fixed an issue where counters wouldn’t change for all work item sections if different teams in the Work in Process by State report were selected.


  • We fixed an issue in the Feature Backlog and Roadmaps where users could click and drag a feature to a PI that its parent work item wasn’t associated with. Now, features with parent work items can only be moved to PIs that the parent is associated with.
  • We fixed an issue where the Acceptance Criteria section became required for epics, capabilities, features, and stories without the ability to turn it off.  Now, the section isn’t required by default, and can be turned on and off in the Page Config on each of these work items.
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