Release Notes for 10.52


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Enhancements and Features 

Production environments updated with the new Jira Align branding

Though the changes have been available as an opt-in for previous releases, we’ve updated all production environments with the new Jira Align rebranding. These changes are purely cosmetic with changes impacting colors and replacing AgileCraft logos.

WSJF epic estimation board

We're piloting a new way to walk through the steps to calculate a WSJF estimate. Starting with epics, you can now use a board view to apply values for each of the WSJF attributes: Business Value, Time Value, RR/OE Value, and Job Size. Access board estimation from the Column View button on the Epic Estimation page.

Each attribute has a board with columns representing numerical values. Epics display as cards. To set an estimate, simply drag an epic card to a numerical column. The value for that attribute is set.

Once an epic card has been assigned to a column for each WSJF attribute, use the WSJF Score Preview button to see a total score. You can make further edits on the board or in the standard list view.

Import/Export user field improvements 

We've updated the import and export functionality on all work items to better manage situations where an instance of Jira Align may have multiple users that share the same first and last name:

  • When importing items, fields that require the identification of a user no longer accept the first name + last name format. Instead, a user's email address must be entered to set the relevant field.
  • Descriptions in import templates have been updated to indicate entry of an email address.
  • If an invalid email address is entered in a user-related field, an error message will display in the import preview.
  • Exports have been updated to display the email address of user-related fields.

Persistent original estimates for epics and capabilities 

  • We've added the ability to retain initial estimate values placed on epics and capabilities, after they are assigned to one or more program increments. Previously, the original estimate value placed on an item before it was assigned to a PI would be transferred to a PI-specific field. That value could then be edited further, resulting in the initial estimate being lost.

    Now, the original estimate is retained as a separate field. New estimate fields are created for any PIs assigned to the epic or capability. We also added a Total Estimate field that adds up the estimate values assigned for each PI. You can check this against your original estimate to validate estimation methods and check for scope additions/removals.

Additional Epic Backlog filters

  • We've added the following filters to the Epic Backlog page:
    • Last Updated
    • Days in Process Step
    • Days in Value Stream
    • Strategic Driver
    • Theme
    • Process Step or State
    • Process Step (Existing filter converted to multi-select option)

Filter objectives by custom fields

  • We've added the ability to filter by custom fields on the Objectives grid page. To see a custom field as an available filter, it must be enabled in Page Config settings for the portfolio selected in the Configuration bar.

 Collapse columns in State and Process Step Views

  • The State View and Process Step View options found on the Backlog page have been enhanced to support collapsible columns. When you're not working with a column, you can shrink it down by using the collapse icon. Use the expand icon from the same location to open a column again.

Defect Fixes by Area


  • We fixed an issue where Jira Align would become unresponsive when opening the Acceptance Criteria section in a story’s details panel. This error affected Internet Explorer users.
  • We fixed an issue where users could not change the Status of Acceptance Criteria when using Internet Explorer.


  • We corrected a spelling error in the description for the Resolution Method field of risks.
  • We’ve updated the search function for features in the details panels of risks. When searching for a feature to associate to the risk, you may now enter a feature’s External ID.
  • We fixed an issue where risks would not display on the Risks page after their associated program increment was deleted. We also now display a warning message when attempting to delete a program increment that has associated risks.

Program Increments 

  • We fixed an issue where tabs in the details panels of program increments would not render in a single row if lengthy custom terminology was set for programs, products, projects, or sprints. 


  • We fixed an issue where the doesn’t contain condition for a Tags filter was not returning the correct work items on Epic and Feature Backlogs.
  • We fixed an issue on the Story Backlog where a team’s Average Velocity would not display values of two digits or more correctly.

Program Board

  • We fixed an issue where the additional details pop-up would not appear when hovering on a work item on the Program Board. This error affected some users of Mozilla Firefox, versions 60.6 and earlier.

Program Board

  • We fixed an issue where users without edit rights for program increments were able to access the Close Program Increment button from the Program Room.

 Team Room

  • We fixed an issue where invalid sprints could be selected on the Team Room page after setting a sprint filter in the Advanced Configuration menu.


  • We fixed an issue in Sprint Retrospective meetings where the facilitator role could not be passed to another team member when the facilitator left or lost connection to the meeting.


  • We fixed an issue on the Forecast page where teams would not display in the Agile by Teams view after removing a portfolio from the Configuration bar.


  • We fixed an issue where tags of the same name were displayed with different colors on grid pages and backlogs. Now tags shared by multiple work items display with a common color. 


  • We fixed an issue where epics and capabilities could have invalid values entered in the following fields when performing an import:
    • Program Increment
    • Program
    • WSJF
    • Approver
    • Case Development
    • Health


  • We fixed an issue on the Work Tree report where capabilities and stories not assigned to a PI selected in the Configuration bar would not display the question mark icon that indicates a work item belongs to an unrelated PI.
  • We fixed an issue that caused an erroneous question mark icon to display on capabilities that were assigned to multiple PIs on the Work Tree report.
  • We fixed an issue on the Epic Progress Features by State/Step Report where pie charts were rendering developmental steps and item counts incorrectly.
  • We fixed an issue on the Strategic Driver report where data rendered on the page did not match the PI selected in the Configuration bar.


  • We fixed an issue where users could not log back into an External Ideation portal after changing their password.


  • We fixed an issue where an error would display when trying to access a work item’s Audit Log that contained several entries.
  • We fixed an issue where open field sections in work item details panels would be closed after selecting the option to stay logged in from a timeout alert message.
  • We fixed an issue where Configuration bar drop-down menus were not visible when using the full-screen view of a work item’s details panel.
  • We fixed an issue where product hierarchies would displayed incorrectly in filtering drop-down menus if product names began with numeric values.
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