Release Notes for 10.51


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Enhancements and Features

Jira Connector Why sync

  • Sync details from the Why panel on Jira Align features to a custom field on Jira Software epics with the Jira Connector. This is useful for seeing how an epic contributes to capabilities, themes, and the overall strategy.

Filter themes by custom fields

  • We added the ability to filter by custom fields. These filters appear in the filter options when they’re switched on in the Page Config for any theme, regardless of Configuration bar selection.

Defect Fixes by Area


  • We fixed an issue where users taking assessments wouldn’t see all options in the last drop-down on the assessment. Now, the drop-down isn’t cut off, so all options can easily be selected.


  • We fixed an issue where searching for features in the Orphans list wouldn’t work in the Team sections on the Stories Backlog.
  • We fixed an issue where feature ranking on the Unassigned Backlog slide-out was allowed, even if the feature toggle to restrict this throughout an instance was switched on. Now, if the toggle is switched on, users won’t be able to rank features on the Unassigned Backlog slide-out.
  • We removed the Status field from the Features Backlog, since it can only be set on Status Reports.
  • We fixed an issue that caused Quick Add functionality in the Epic Backlog to be missing when capabilities weren’t enabled in the global instance settings.


  • When a dependency is changed to Not Committed, the Committed By sprint is now reset.


  • We fixed an issue where, when capabilities were enabled, the Set Bottom Up Estimates modal for epics wouldn’t display the total story points or child items. Both of these now appear in the modal.


  • When features are split, the feature’s details panel links to the second part of the split. We changed the way this link appears when the second part of a split is deleted. Now, if the second part of a split has been deleted, you’ll see the message “Split part 2 was deleted”. 


  • We fixed an issue that caused the labels on the Ideation Key Metrics report to not display properly.

Jira Connector

  • We fixed an issue that caused the Jira Connector API logs to display incorrectly when more than one connector was set up. The logs now display properly when multiple connectors are created.

Kanban Boards

  • We fixed an issue where team names were displayed several times in the Team drop-down menu when creating a new kanban board. Each team now appears only once.
  • We added a Tasks tab to the Custom Kanban story slide out.
  • We fixed an issue where users weren’t able to unmark cards as expedited in the Custom Kanban without refreshing the page.

Objective Tree

  • We corrected an issue that caused progress to be calculated incorrectly.


  • When deleting a program, the confirmation modal incorrectly called the number of success criteria tied to a program Goals. In this release, we changed the label to Success Criteria

Program Board

  • We added descriptions for the Links icons in the legend.

Program Room

  • We fixed an issue where the widgets on the left of the Program Room would overlap the central panels when the page was zoomed out.
  • We fixed an issue where the Work Items grid wasn’t properly filtered by team in the Feature by Capability and Feature by Epic views.
  • We corrected a layout issue in the Program Room which caused the Release button in the Backlog panel to run off the page.

Program Increments

  • We fixed an issue where the feature completion progress and check marks didn’t correspond with the feature’s actual completion progress.

Release Vehicles

  • We fixed an issue where deactivated users would automatically disappear from the Owner field and ownership was reassigned to  the first user available in the list. Now, the deactivated user will remain assigned as the owner after the user has been deleted. However, if ownership is reassigned to another user, the deactivated user will disappear from the list of selectable owners and can’t be reassigned.


  • We fixed an issue where risks would disappear from the grid if the PI associated with them was deleted, and added an additional check when a PI is deleted. If at least one risk is associated with a PI, all risks which were associated with the deleted PI will be displayed on the grid, with Select One in the Program Increment field.


  • We improved the performance on the Roadmaps page when users try to filter by tags.
  • We fixed an issue that caused additional work items to appear on Roadmaps when a portfolio was selected in the context menu and unplanned items were selected.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented the Release Vehicle Hierarchy from being displayed when clicking on the link from the Release Vehicle slideout. Now, clicking the link opens the hierarchy.


  • We fixed an issue where deactivated users were added to sprints if the Add all users on team to this sprint option was selected.


  • Previously, Jira Align would perform a validation to ensure that description field text didn’t exceed a character limitation once the Save button was selected. We changed this validation so that it’s performed when you click outside of the field. If the text exceeds the character limit, a warning will appear without needing to save the team.
  • We fixed an issue that caused teams to be unable to be deleted in some scenarios.

Sprint Plans

  • When users clicked Assign a Defect while creating test results for a test run, programs would appear in the Stories list. We fixed this so that stories appear in the list when you click Assign a Defect.
  • We added validations and warning messages to the Build and Result fields when creating test results in a test run. These validations are performed when the test results are saved.


  • We fixed an issue where parent story information didn’t appear in the test case export file.

Work In Progress

  • We fixed an issue where the tooltip on the Work In Progress report card would show that no user was assigned to a story, even when a user was assigned. The tooltip now displays the correctly assigned user.


  • We changed the font color of Retrospective Meeting Results to be more readable against the background.

Value Streams

  • Previously, the accepted state couldn’t be mapped to developmental process steps for stories. We fixed this issue so that this mapping is now possible.


  • We fixed an issue where the Velocity by Team (Trend) and Story Points Ratio reports would display sprint short names instead of full sprint names. Now, the reports display the full sprint names.
  • Previously, when a theme was updated, email notifications were sent to all users from the program that was associated with it. To address this, we added a separate Workflow Email setup option on the program level for themes.
  • We fixed an issue where users didn’t receive email notifications when a dependency was copied.
  • We fixed an issue where the Risk edit panel didn’t automatically appear when clicking on link in email notifications. We also added the risk ID to the risk title in the email notifications.
  • We fixed an issue where the Load by Sprint report displayed planned hours instead of actual reported hours.
  • We fixed an issue where the Risk ROAM report wasn’t visible in search results, and the Backlog was added to the Favorites list when attempting to favorite the ROAM report.
  • In the Program Tracking Report, stand-alone features are now displayed in the Features row instead of the Epic row.
  • The Users UI and the API now allow the user end date to be set one day in the past, the current date, or a date in the future.
  • We fixed an issue where the Change Password button was still shown on the User Profile page, even if manual sign-in had been turned off in the global instance settings.
  • We fixed an issue that caused the Navigation menu to be duplicated when navigating to the hyperlink of a defect that does not exist.
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