Release Notes for 10.50


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Enhancements and Features

Field consistency across work items and pages: Part 3

As a continuation of a larger initiative to provide consistent field, filter, and column options across Jira Align pages and work items, the following pages and work items have been updated:

  • Capabilities
    • Added Tags as an available filter and column to the Capabilities page.
    • Changed the name of the MMF field to MVP in all capability related views and pages.
  • Defects
    • Added Tags as an available filter and column to the Defects page.
    • The Release Vehicle drop-down on a defect's details panel was updated to match the look and feel of the drop-down used in story and feature details panels. 

Defect Fixes by Area

Platform Terminology

  • Fixed multiple issues where work item, timebox, and object labels would display default or erroneous text, instead of the values entered in Administration > Settings > Platform Terminology. Now, the following locations display the correct terminology:
    • Headers for program and portfolio teams, inside the Teams tab of a user's details panel.
    • Labels for epics and program increments, on the Backlog, Roadmaps, and Program Increments pages.
    • Theme group labels on the Work Tree report.
    • Success and warning messages displayed when adding a new feature from a capability's details panel.
    • Currency symbols displayed in the Epic Status report.


  • Fixed an issue on the Epics page where a system error message would display when attempting to sort a custom column.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from viewing data in the Value tab of an epic's details panel. When a user without permissions to add new epics viewed the tab, no data in any drop-downs would display. Now users with permission to view the Value tab may see data without requiring permission to add new epics.
  • Fixed an issue on the Epic Backlog page where labels for programs with special characters in their names would display HTML code for each character.


  • Fixed an issue on the Mass Delete page where capabilities were not available from the Object drop-down menu.
  • Fixed an issue when viewing the Responsibility Matrix link from the details page of a capability where epic-level work items would display instead of capability-level items.
  • Fixed an issue on the Kanban Board where cards for capabilities were not correctly rolling-up progress and erroneously displaying No Tasks. Now, capability cards correctly display progress, based on the acceptance of child stories.

Objectives and Key Results

  • Fixed an issue in the details panel for objectives where the progress bars under Key Results would not immediately update when a result value was deleted.
  • Fixed an issue when exporting objectives where associated epics were displayed in a comma-separated format in the export file. Associated epics now correctly list in the export as a numbered list.


  • Fixed an issue when exporting dependencies where the Requested From and Depends on fields were displayed incorrectly. Headers in the export file have been updated so that field names match between the export and columns on the Dependencies page.


  • Fixed an issue on the Feature Backlog page when adding a new feature. When using the quick add section in a portfolio with capabilities enabled, the Select Parent drop-down would suggest epic parents instead of capability parents.
  • Fixed an issue on the Feature Backlog page when using the Kanban State view. When an access error displayed due to lack of team membership, the error message would fill up an entire column on the Kanban board. The message has been resized to a small alert.


  • Fixed an issue when splitting a story where associated defects were not displayed and could not be moved to the new story.
  • Fixed an issue on the Stories page when using the Mass Edit option from the More Actions menu. In the resulting modal, searching by ID in the Features field would not return any results. Now searching by ID will return matching features.

Test Cases

  • Updated behavior when creating a new test case. From the details panel, the Owner field will default to the user creating the new test case. Previously, the field defaulted to the first person in the list.

Program Increments

  • Updated logic when deleting program increments. You must remove all work items assigned to a PI before it can be deleted. This change addresses an issue where work items associated to deleted PIs would be hard to locate and not listed in unassigned backlogs.
  • Fixed an issue when viewing the details panel of a program increment. The Short field located in the Sync Sprints tab has been expanded and now displays more characters.
  • Updated the wording that displays when attempting to copy more than one program increment from the Program Increments page. The warning now states that only one PI may be selected to use the copy function.

Release Vehicles

  • Fixed an issue on the Release Vehicles page where Sprint would display when hovering over a progress bar of a release vehicle. The hover tooltip now correctly displays Release Vehicle.


  • Fixed an issue where users with Scrum Master, Team Coach and Product Owner roles could not access the Lock/Unlock link from a sprint's details panel.

Program Room

  • Fixed an issue on the Program Room page that caused text to overflow from a Checklist section into the main area of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue on the Program Room page where capabilities were not included in the Progress section.


  • Fixed an issue on the Roadmaps page that caused the column for unplanned work to truncate work item names. The column has been expanded to show more data.


  • Fixed two issues on the Program Predictability report:
    • Planned Value and Delivered Value fields were truncating three digit values to two digits.
    • An erroneous label of Program was displayed at the bottom of the graph. This has been corrected to display All Teams.
  • Fixed an issue on the Capacity Planning report where the Sprint drop-down menu would not display lengthy sprint names, and would not display a scroll bar for long lists.
  • Fixed an issue on the Capability Status report where risks assigned to unrelated features would display. This error occurred when a risk was assigned to a feature that had the same ID value as a capability listed in the report.
  • Fixed an issue on the PI Cleanup report where team, solution, and portfolio objectives would not display. Now all objective types are included on the page.
  • Fixed an issue on the Work Tree report where capabilities and stories not aligned with the program increment selected in the Configuration bar were not displaying alerts. These items now correctly display a question mark icon and message explaining the capability or story is not part of the PI.
  • Fixed an issue on the Program Allocation report where values under the Program Totals section were not visible.
  • Fixed an issue on the Program Tracking report where themes would not display.


  • Corrected the spelling of the Time By Discipline toggle for role permissions found at Administration > Roles > Additional Options > Reports.


  • Fixed an issue on the Teams page where solution teams would not display when a valid program was selected in the Configuration bar.


  • Fixed an issue with the TFS / Azure DevOps connector that caused the description of a synced item to display HTML formatting instead of rich-text formatting.
  • Fixed an issue where users with read-only permissions for Jira Software connector settings were able to save changes to options found at Administration > Jira Settings > Status Mapping.
  • Removed Epic as an option from the Type drop-down menu found at Administration > Jira Settings > Status Mapping.


  • Fixed an issue on the Dependency Maps page where IP sprints would not display in maps for team-level dependencies.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Sprint Board view on the Team Room page where defects would display in the wrong priority column.
  • Fixed an issue where the Work Item Links page was not filtering results by selections made in the Configuration bar.
  • Fixed multiple issues where users could not add the Features or Organizational Hierarchy pages to their favorites.  
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