Release Notes for 10.49


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Enhancements and Features

Jira Align branding

We've updated the menu colors, fonts, and logo in the platform to our new brand, Jira Align. As we integrate with the Jira Software family, we'll continue to adopt the look and feel of the Atlassian product suite through common components and interfaces. Jira Align branding will automatically be applied to production instances in release 10.52.

Note: Colors that indicate the status of work items have not been modified. 

‘Driver’ column on Status Reports

We added a new Driver column to Portfolio and Programs on the Status view of Status Reports. By default, the column is hidden, but you can display or hide it on the page using Extra Configs.

The Driver column shows you the Strategic Driver associated with your epics. On stand-alone features, it shows the Business Driver instead. 

You can see an explanation of this column when you hover over its header. 

‘Extra Configs’ option in Portfolio Room

We added an Extra Configs section in the Portfolio Room, and moved the Snapshot selection and Add Snapshot button to the Extra Configs.

You can still easily see which snapshot you’ve applied to the page. If you’ve applied a snapshot, a message with the snapshot’s name will appear at the top of the Portfolio Room.

Columns for Epics grid

For better visibility, we added the ability to add the following fields as columns on the Epic grid: Capitalized, Investment Type, JIRA Project, Strategic Driver, Tags, Type, Work Code, Child Count, Story Points, and Value.

Try these new columns out by turning them on in Page Config.

Email Privacy on Ideation

We want to give our users privacy, including when they get emails from us. As a result, we’ve hidden the email addresses of other subscribed users on email updates for ideas.

Performance improvements on hover items on Program Board

We changed the way hovering over features in the Unassigned section of the Program Board works to give you faster performance when you use the page.

Performance improvements on Links tab of work items

To improve user experience and increase performance, we changed the drop-downs for Predecessors and Successors on the Links tab for themes, epics, capabilities, features, and stories.

Now, you can search for a predecessor or successor by its ID, Name, or External ID (if available).

When you select a predecessor or successor, it displays at the top of the list with a check mark. You can quickly deselect all items in the list by clicking the Deselect all button.

Performance improvements for Users Import file upload

We decreased the time it takes to upload Users Import file, and fixed an issue where the system would crash when users would upload files at or above the maximum file size (4Mb).

Defect Fixes by Area


  • We fixed an issue where changing the Estimate value on the Forecast tab for Epics would impact the Member Week Budget value on the Details tab. Now, estimate changes won’t affect Member Week Budget.


  • We added an Unassigned Backlog option to the Program Increment drop-down on the Capabilities slide-out.


  • We fixed an issue where External ID for work items would display as truncated with 3 dots. Now, external IDs are fully displayed in all places (e.g. slide-outs, backlog). A tooltip also appears when you hover over the external ID.


  • We fixed an issue where the program increment selection for new risks would automatically change to the first option in the list after a was selected in the Relationship drop-down menu. Now, the PI field won’t change when a relationship is selected.


  • We fixed an issue where clicking on the story on an impediment wouldn't open the story details panel. It now opens the panel so you can see the details about the story.


  • We fixed an issue where users would experience a server error when entering long numbers in the Baseline or Target field on Key Results.


  • We fixed an issue where users would receive SQL errors when adding comments to dependencies. Now, adding comments to dependencies won't cause the SQL error.

  • We fixed an issue where dependencies weren’t searchable by ID. They can now be found using their IDs, like other work items.


  • We fixed an issue where ideation users would be logged out when searching or navigating through the portal’s pages. Now, users can use the portal without unwanted logout interruptions.
  • We fixed an issue where items in the Shelved column on the ideation backlog weren’t fully visible using the minimum supported screen resolution. They now are visible using all the resolutions we support.

Acceptance Criteria

  • We fixed an issue where HTML in Acceptance Criteria wouldn't render correctly for users who didn't have edit permissions. Now, the HTML appears correctly for all users.

Program Board

  • We fixed an issue where Super Admins weren't able to edit orphans on the Program Board. They can now edit them like other work items.
  • Fixed an issue where work item names would truncate incorrectly when using the Quick View. 

Team Room

  • We fixed an issue where user without the appropriate permissions could see the Add New button on the Team Room’s Sprint Board.

Release Vehicles

  • We fixed an issue where the progress bars on the Release Vehicle grid didn’t include accepted orphan stories. Progress on this grid now includes orphaned stories, as well as stories that are assigned features.

Program Predictability Report

  • We fixed an issue where the graph that displayed the percent of program-level objectives achieved was rendered based on incorrect rounding of values. Now, the graph renders correctly.


  • We fixed an issue where the X to close global search was barely visible. Now, it’s clearly visible so you can easily close the view.
  • We fixed an issue where accepted stories would revert to their previous states if a user clicked the Clear Meeting button in a Sprint Review meeting. Now, clicking the button won’t affect story states.
  • We fixed an issue where in some cases, after users logged in, they were redirected to a blank page. Jira Align now properly redirects after logging in. 

  • We fixed an issue where users would continue to receive email notifications about missed Target Resolution dates when the date was updated to be in the future. If the date is pushed forward, you won’t get emails about missed Target Resolution dates until the date passes again.
  • We fixed an issue where extra characters were displayed in story descriptions on the story export file. The descriptions in the export file now match the entire description, without any extra characters.


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