Release Notes for 10.48


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Enhancements and Features

Enhanced Kanban team support (Jira Align Labs)

Introducing better support for Kanban teams working in Jira Align. We've created a new team type, Kanban, that doesn't require the use of a sprint timebox.

Throughput is the average number of stories a Kanban team completes each week. Jira Align can calculate this automatically for you using the most recent 5 weeks, or you can manually set a value. Throughput is used to show a Kanban team's work in the context of weeks, forecast deliveries on roadmaps, and mingle data with Agile teams.

There are some display and functionality changes when using Jira Align as part of a Kanban team:

  • Stories may be automatically assigned a default estimate value.
  • Dependencies owned by or assigned to Kanban teams can be requested by or committed to with calendar dates instead of sprints.
  • Impediments can be assigned to a program increment instead of a sprint.
  • Team Room contains lean metrics, recent thoughput and completed story counts, and displays data in the context of a program increment.
  • Program Room filtered by a Kanban team displays throughput and completed story counts, and disables info cards related to sprints.
  • Program Board supports work owned by both Kanban and Agile teams. Items with date-specific commitments and deadlines will display in sprint columns that best match the selected dates.
  • Backlog is displayed in the context of a program increment.
  • Roadmaps roll-up work from Kanban teams and plot them using story priority and throughput.
  • Jira Software integration users can create a Board in Jira of type Kanban to automatically create a new Kanban team in Jira Align. Previously created Boards will not create teams in this manner.

Jira Software integration enhancements

We've added two features to the state mapping menu found at Administration > Connectors > Jira Settings > Manage Projects > Status Mapping:

  • You can now sync the Canceled action in Jira Align to a state in Jira Software. 
  • The Update all Jira Projects button at the bottom pushes the state mappings set in the menu to all Jira Software projects. Note: This does not apply to projects that have process steps configured.

Enhanced warning messages

We've added warning messages to the following scenarios to help you avoid incorrect configurations and hard-to-find work items:

  • When creating or saving an epic, capability, or feature, the assigned program increment should be part of the assigned program. When this is not the case, an alert icon and warning message will display.
  • When creating or saving a stand-alone feature, a theme should be assigned. When no theme is assigned, a warning message will display.

Custom fields on themes

Custom field support has been further enhanced for themes:

  • You can now add custom fields as columns to the Themes grid page. The custom field must be enabled in Page Configuration for themes to be available as a column. Custom field columns are sortable, with the exception of multi-select fields.
  • Custom fields are now included in the export files of themes. Note: Importing of custom fields is not currently supported.

Field consistency across work items and pages: Part 2

As a continuation of a larger initiative to provide consistent field, filter, and column options across Jira Align pages and work items, the following pages and work items have been updated:

  • Features grid page
    • Epic was replaced with Parent Object as an available column on the Features grid page. The Parent Object column will display any valid parent: epic, capability, or theme.
    • The Parent Object filter was renamed to Capability in the Apply Filters menu of the Features grid page. Separate filters currently exist for epics and themes.
    • Stand-Alone Feature filter was added to the Apply Filters menu. The filter has a Yes/No option. Choosing Yes will display all features that are not assigned to an epic or capability.
  • Feature Backlog page
    • Stand-Alone Feature filter was added to the Apply Filters menu. The filter has a Yes/No option. Choosing Yes will display all features that are not assigned to an epic or capability.
  • Stories grid page
    • The Contained In filter was renamed to Feature in the Apply Filters menu.
    • The Epic / Capability filter was separated into two filters, Epic and Capability.
  • Themes, Epics, Capabilities, Stories, and Defects grid pages
    • Columns that displayed parent data were renamed to Parent Object for consistency.
    • Duplicate columns that displayed parent data were removed. 
  • Epics, Capabilities, Features, and Stories grid pages
    • Filters for parent work items were updated to support type-ahead search.

Defect Fixes by Area


  • Fixed an issue on the details panel of epics when viewing the Time/Skills tab. Some text would overlap with the links on the right side of the panel.


  • Fixed an issue with detail panels for risks where tooltips were not displayed when hovering over some fields. Tooltips have been added to the Occurrence, Impact, Critical Path, Resolution Method, Consequence, Contingency, and Mitigation fields.


  • Fixed the logic used to filter by program increment for impediments. Now, impediments correctly display in grid pages and reports if they're assigned to a sprint that is part of the filtered-by program increment.

Release vehicles 

  • Fixed an issue where saving the Release Vehicles page to the Favorites menu would cause the page name to always display as Release Vehicles, regardless of any custom terminology settings.
  • Fixed an issue on details panels of stories and features where dates for associated release vehicles were displaying incorrectly.


  • Fixed an issue where user without permission to add and update work items could do so from multiple pages and panels in Jira Align. Creating and updating work items now correctly follows a user's role-based permissions.
  • Updated the tooltip found when hovering over the Daily Summary Emails toggle from the Edit Preferences menu found underneath your profile image. The tooltip now more accurately describes the behavior of the toggle: Receive summary emails after sprint retrospectives, sprint reviews, sprint planning, and daily meetings for the teams you're associated with.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue on the Program Board where users with a role of Release Train Engineer were unable to change the target sprint of a feature or manage orphan features.


  • Fixed an issue on the Meeting Health report where users who were absent from Daily Standup meetings were incorrectly reported as present.
  • Fixed an issue on the Impediments and Risks report where all impediments would display instead of using the program and/or program increment filters set in the Configuration bar.
  • Fixed an issue on the Dependency Map report where dependencies with a state of No Work Required would continue to display after the report was filtered by the Not Committed quick filter. 
  • Fixed a caching issue with the Work In Process report where the Capabilities toggle would disappear from the Extra Configs menu after being disabled. 


  • Fixed an issue in external ideation portals where the search bar would return incorrect search results.


  • Fixed an issue in the API when setting the end date for a user. You can now set the end date to be today's date or a date in the future.


  • Fixed an issue on grid pages for epics, capabilities, and features where filtering by the Primary Program field from the Apply Filters menu would show work items assigned to different primary programs.
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