Release Notes for 10.46


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Enhancements and Features

Mass Edit for stories

We have added the ability to edit multiple stories from the Stories grid page. This feature will significantly reduce editing time when you need to update the values for fields such as Owner or Sprint on a group of stories.

Mass edit is available as a permission for a user's role. To enable this option, navigate to Administration > Roles > Team level > Manage > Stories and toggle-on the Mass Edit option for the selected user role.

Once the toggle is enabled, a new Mass Edit option will be available in the More Actions menu when two or more stories are selected on the Stories page. This option is only available when a single program is selected in the Configuration Bar.

After selecting Mass Edit, a set of drop-down menus display above the grid:

This menus allow you to change following fields for the selected stories:

  • Feature
  • Team
  • Sprint
  • Release Vehicle
  • Owner

Mass Edit works with the new Select All check-box. Selection across pages is saved, so that several stories from different pages on grid can be updated simultaneously.

Mass Edit applies specific validation rules in addition to the rules used when editing a single story. If any changes attempted contradict validation rules, those stories won't be updated. After selecting the Update button, the number of successful edits is displayed in a message at the top of the page:

Objectives Key Results access on Objectives Backlog

When expanding objectives on the Objectives Backlog page, key results will display in the grid. Metrics and progress bars have been added as data columns. A new progress column has also been added to objectives to display the rolled-up progress of multiple key results.

Key results can be added from an objective details slide-out, or quickly created inline on the backlog.


Select All option on grid pages

For faster selection of work items on grid pages, the Select All check-box has been added. After selecting the check box, a message at the top of the page indicates how many items were selected across all pages. If any filtering is applied on the current grid page, only items that are available will be selected.

The following grid pages now support select all: Themes, Features, Stories, Tasks, Defects, Test Cases, Risks, Objectives, Success Criteria, and Impediments.

Select all works with the Delete command found within the More Options menu. This may be useful to mass delete a group of work items.

Performance improvements on story backlog

Improved the loading experience for a list of stories in the Unassigned Backlog viewed from the  Stories Backlog page. Now only the first 100 stories are displayed when first opening the panel. The next group of 100 stories are loaded as you scroll to bottom of the list.

Jira Deleted Issues search improvements

We've made multiple enhancements to the deleted issues search of the Jira Software connector. The following changes greatly reduce the runtime of the report found at Administration > Connectors > Jira Management > Jira Deleted Issues:

  • The report no longer searches for accepted stories and features, as well as closed defects. Eliminating these items from search significantly reduces the size of the query.
  • Queries now use the Jira Search API.
  • Collaboration with Atlassian API experts has resulted in more efficient, batched queries.

Jira Query Language search improvements

To improve the performance of JQL searches with the Jira Software connector, we've enhanced the search query page found at Administration > Connectors > Jira Settings > Jira Integration:

  • Added parenthesis around the search field to contain the query and prevent erroneous OR conditions.
  • Added an Order by field to separate ordering syntax.

These changes help prevent the connector from making API calls to unmapped Jira Software projects, which can result in extremely long run times or failed calls.

Defect Fixes by Area


  • Fixed a performance issue where users could not save changes made to themes with multiple program and PI assignments. This issue occurred on the Themes grid page.


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect parents were displayed in the Why? section of a feature's details slide-out. In cases where a feature was assigned to a parent capability, epic, and theme, the Why? section displayed the capability and epic in mismatched sections, and the theme was not displayed.


  • Stories now correctly display the release vehicle inherited from a parent feature on the Stories grid page. Previously, only stories directly associated with a release vehicle would display a value on the page.
  • Fixed an issue where an internal server error would display when attempting to edit the Description field of stories by copy-pasting formatted text from third party applications.


  • Fixed an issue where all objectives in a system were being shown on the objectives backlog when a single portfolio was selected in the Configuration Bar.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Fixed an issue where creations or edits to Acceptance Criteria were not being saved from the details slide-out when the Save or Save & Close buttons were selected.

Import & Export

  • Fixed an issue where the External ID field was not included in the export of defects.
  • When importing themes, empty Theme Group field entries were erroneously being highlighted in red in the View Import Info modal. This was a result of the import template displaying the field in at all times, even when the field was not enabled in the current portfolio. The template has been updated to only show the Theme Group when enabled.
  • Fixed the following issues when exporting capabilities:
    • The column for Value Score was incorrectly displaying as Value Scale.
    • Users were previously able to able to set an invalid value of 0 for Value Score via imports. Imports now enforce a correct value between 1-100.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue where solution objectives were displaying in the Team Objectives swimlane. Currently, this area shows both team objectives and program objectives. We will consider further separation of the objective types on the Program Board in future releases.
  • Fixed an issue where a dependency was not displayed in correct sprint on the Program Board after a sprint change was saved. The page was erroneously forcing the save to be applied twice before displaying the dependency correctly.


  • Fixed an issue where the Roadmap page was not displaying custom terminology choices in several configuration windows and drop-down menus.
  • Fixed an issue where story counts on the release vehicle roadmap did not match the number of associated stories in the release vehicle's details slide-out. This was due to only stories directly associated with the release vehicle being counted. Now, the roadmap correctly shows both stories directly associated to a release vehicle, and stories with a relationship inherited through a parent feature.


  • Fixed an issue where epics and capabilities with a Type field value of Architectural were not displaying on the WIP report.
  • Fixed an issue where negative Time in Days values displayed on the Process Step Cycle Time report. Incorrect calculations were being applied to changes made outside of the time range selected in the report's settings.
  • Burndown charts on the Team Burndowns report were fixed to show the correct calculations and match the burndown chart found in the Team Room.

User Management

  • Fixed an issue where a username was displayed twice on the Member tab of a sprint's details slide-out after removing and assigning the user back to the sprint.
  • Corrected an issue in the Users API where the role for a user with the Portfolio Member team role was incorrectly displayed as Team of Teams.
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