Release Notes for 10.45


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Enhancements and Features

Jira integration: viewing parent on Jira epics

The Jira integration now supports a read-only Parent Name field on Jira epics. Now, you can note a direct parent item (either an epic or capability) on your AgileCraft features and push it to Jira. The field displays the parent’s name as well as the ID.


Defect Fixes by Area


  • Fixed the following issues on the Features grid:
    • Removed the possibility to filter when the exact name of an epic was not selected from defined list.
    • Added the possibility to filter by epic when a feature has a capability as a parent.
  • On the Stories grid, the Epic filter was renamed to Epic/Capability.


  • Fixed an issue where users weren’t able to associate work items with parents using the import if the primary program of the child item was listed as an additional program for the parent.


  • Fixed the following issues on the feature backlog:
    • Filter by Theme would not work on the unassigned backlog for features when a feature was associated with a theme via a parent capability or epic.
    • Features/Capabilities that are associated with theme via parent had None Applicable shown in Theme column.
    • When filtering the Feature backlog main view by theme, features associated to themes via a parent capability or epic were not shown; instead, only stand-alone features were shown.


  • In the Goals grid, fixed an issue where long-term goals weren’t correctly tied to terminology.


  • If a one or more teams are selected in the Configuration bar, the Release Vehicle Roadmap will now only display release vehicles that are associated to that team or teams.
  • Fixed an issue on the Roadmaps page that caused the Team Weeks column to display as zero.

Work in Process

  • Fixed an issue where users would experience inconsistencies between the WIP report and the cumulative flow chart.
  • Fixed an issue where the totals on the WIP by Value Stream report didn't match what was shown on the graph.


  • Addressed a problem in the Changes Log in the Administration section that caused no results to be returned if the same date was used in the start and end date filters.
  • Fixed an issue where, when saving a billing rate on the Edit User slide-out, all digits after the comma were removed.
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