Release Notes for 10.43


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Enhancements and Features

External Idea Portal

  • Email notifications: External users will now be automatically subscribed to ideas they submit. The user will receive an email notification anytime the idea receives a new comment, receives new votes, or when any fields inside the idea are changed. External users may select the Unsubscribe link to stop receiving notifications.

  • Filtering: You may now filter external ideas by the following fields:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Owner Email
    • Status

Test Suites

  • To improve performance when editing a test suite, the Test Cases drop-down no longer attempts to load and display all test cases in the system. The drop-down selector has been replaced with a faster-performing version that allows you to search quickly for the test case you want to add.


  • You can now filter by multiple tags from the Advanced Configuration menu:

    When filtering by more than one tag, an OR condition will be applied. Any work items that have any of the tags specified will display.

Program Board

  • Cross-program dependencies are now more visible on the Program Board. When a dependency belongs to a different program than the one the board is filtered by, the dependency will display in team rows where the team is assigned to either the Requested or Depends on fields. Previously, only the Depends on team would display a cross-program dependency.

Status Reports

  • When scrolling through large sets of data in Status and Financial views, headers for portfolios, programs, etc. remain visible:

    Click to play animation

TFS/Azure DevOps Connector

  • The connector has been updated to support the automatic roll-up of the In Progress state between related stories, features, and epics. When allowed, these automatic state changes will sync with TFS/Azure DevOps.
  • The audit log will reflect these state roll-ups when they take place.

Defect Fixes by Area

Configuration bar

  • Corrected the behavior of the Configuration bar where some work items were displaying without matching specified filters. For example, a feature with no PI assignment would display when the configuration bar was set to only show items within a specific PI.

    This fix applies to themes, epics, capabilities, features, and stories.

    The reset buttons in Configuration bar filters were updated to the following correct behavior:

    • Reset to None: All items display. When filtering features by PI, choosing this option will show all features; those with PI assignments and those without.
    • Reset to All: All items with an entry for the filtered field display. When filtering features by PI, choosing this option will show all features that are assigned to any PI. Unassigned features will not display.


  • Fixed an issue where where the Unlock link would not respond and the Portfolio Ask, Start/Initiation, and Target Completion fields were not accessible when viewing epic details. This condition occurred when the epic was edited from locations outside of its details slide-out panel. Epics now correctly lock and unlock in all conditions.


  • Fixed an issue where system roles were not respected when creating tasks. Previously, any team roles or story permissions that allowed the creation of tasks were erroneously overriding read-only system roles.

Portfolio Room

  • Fixed an issue where velocity was incorrectly calculated in both the Resource and Execution tabs. Now, both tabs correctly show velocity, which is calculated by taking the average of all accepted story points from the most recent two PIs.

Program Room

  • Fixed an issue where features with long names would cause text from other fields to push outside of field display boundaries and off of the page.
  • Fixed an issue where story completion percentage values in the Program Room did not match the data displayed in Team Room. This was due to different calculation rules in each page for split and template stories. Both pages have been updated with matching calculations:
    • Split Part 1 stories are included in total level of effort (LOE) points, but are not included in accepted LOE points.
    • Stories with a type of Template are included in all calculations.

Jira Connector

  • Fixed an issue where users could not save a blank value in the Jira Canceled State ID field from Administration > Jira Settings > Status Mapping.

Status Reports

  • Fixed an issue where users were able to access reports for organizations and programs they did not have permissions to view.


  • Fixed an issue where the Help and Support links inside the user menu (accessed from the top-left of any AgileCraft page) did not redirect to URLs that were defined in Administration > Settings > Platform.


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