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Once you have created strategic goals and objectives, you can create key results, which are measurable targets that define the success of an objective or goal. You may measure results in the forms of object count, dollars, percentage, or net promoter score (NPS). You may create multiple results within a strategic goal or objective. To keep your goals and objectives measurable, 3 or more key results are recommended.

To create a new key result:

  1. From a goal or objective’s Details slide-out panel, select Key Results from the bottom of the panel.
  2. Use the Select One drop-down to choose how the result will be measured: by count, dollars, percentage, NPS, or score (a criteria-based score where 0 is lowest and 1 is highest).
  3. Enter a description for the result. If you're measuring by score, a modal automatically displays where you can enter a description for each score value.
  4. Set a target value that the goal or objective wants to achieve.
    Note: This field doesn’t display for objectives that are measured by score.
  5. If present, enter a current baseline value.
    Note: This field doesn’t display for objectives that are measured by score.
  6. Select Add.


The result will be displayed in the Key Results section. Objectives that haven’t had a baseline value set or progress recorded on key results will display a score of N/S (not scored) in the Score indicator on the Objective’s Details panel. 

After creation, you may edit the key result to adjust the Owner and Target Date fields:

  1. Click the three dots Screen_Shot_2020-07-17_at_4.11.04_PM.png icon to the right of a key result.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. A Details slide-out panel displays for the key result.
  4. Select a new Owner using the dropdown menu, if desired.
  5. Enter the date the key result must be achieved by in the Target Date field. 
    Note: This field is required if you edit the key result.
  6. Select Save or Save & Close from the top of the panel.

Note: For key results created on objectives, editing information on the Details slide-out panel is controlled by the Add/Save system role permission toggle for the specific objective level. For key results created on goals, editing information on the Details slide-out panel is controlled by the Portfolio Manage Portfolio Objectives > Add/Save system role permission toggle.



As the objective progresses, return to the Key Results section of the Details panel to update your progress:

  1. Select the three dots Screen_Shot_2020-07-17_at_4.11.04_PM.png icon to the right of a result.
  2. Select Check In, a pop-up window displays.
  3. Select the date and time for the progress update using the selection fields at the top of the pop-up.
  4. To the right of the date and time selectors, enter a value in count, dollars, percentage, NPS or score, depending on the type of result.
  5. Optionally, add a note in the rich-text field below the date/time/count fields.
  6. Select the Update button; your value is added under the Previous updates section.


You may delete past updates using the Delete link below each update.

Overriding objective scores

If you need to override the current goal or objective Score, follow these steps:

  1. At the top of the goal or objective’s Details slide-out, click the Override button below the Score indicator.
  2. The Override dialog box displays. In the Override Score section, choose a new score in the dropdown menu.
  3. Add any additional notes, such as a reason for the override, in the rich-text box below.

  4. Click the Update button to save the overridden score. The updated score displays in the indicator, along with a message that the score has been overridden.


When viewing key results in the Details slide-out, hover over a progress bar to see the percent done against the goal. As you report updates over time, view a graph of your progress by selecting the View Trends button at the top of the Key Results section.
Note: Make sure to manually set a baseline to see it displayed on the progress graph.

Progress bars on the Objectives Tree report also visually reflect updates made to key result values.

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