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What is Jira Align Labs?

Labs is a way for us to introduce functionality early that still requires iteration and validation. These are new areas of the product that we believe have potential, but we want to make sure we're headed in the right direction.

When you see these features, try them out with an open mind and reach out with your feedback! Let us know what works for your process, what may not work, and what you'd like to see added to make a feature or page really sing.   

How do I provide feedback?

To make a suggestion about a feature or report a defect in Labs, reach out to Atlassian Support. You can do this in Jira Align by selecting Support from the menu found by selecting your avatar in the left Nav menu (old navigation only) or in the top navigation bar (new navigation only).

Our dedicated team of support engineers will carefully evaluate your request and work with you to determine whether it is best classified as a defect or a suggestion. Both defects and suggestions are tracked on JAC (jira.atlassian.com/). Your support engineer will provide you with a link where you can track its progress.

What features are in Labs?

Features currently in Labs include:

Is there an Early Adopter or Beta program built around Labs?

Currently, there are not any formal Beta or Early Adopter programs. When we're seeking early feedback on large or vast product features, we typically introduce these changes behind a feature toggle. Select customers are then identified as candidates to test the new functionality. At this time, we do not run any open beta programs.

Can I turn Labs features on and off?

All of the features currently in Labs are released in production and only require a role toggle for users to access them. In some cases, we do release Labs features behind feature toggles that are either controlled by Jira Align support or on-site administrators.

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