Release Notes for 10.41


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Enhancements and Features

Introducing AgileCraft Labs

  • Labs is a new way for you to preview upcoming functionality that is still being developed before a full release. Labs gives us the opportunity to validate new functions and pages with you, and learn what features you need to best serve your Agile transformation.
  • Pages that are part of AgileCraft Labs will be marked with an icon - .
  • To submit feedback on a Labs feature, please visit AgileCraft's Idea Portal.


In this release significant changes were implemented in the Ideation Form Builder.

Key changes:

  • Custom forms can be applied to multiple Ideation groups, so there is no need to configure a form manually for each group.
  • Users may now create custom text, drop-down, and open text fields, allowing users to create the forms that best serve their intake and Ideation needs.
  • Custom fields have multiple customization options:
    • Re-order fields
    • Delete unused fields
    • Set a field's visibility for internal users
    • Set a field's visibility for external users
    • Set a field as required
    • Create a hover tooltip for a field

  • We removed some standard fields that weren’t popular from new forms, while fields that were often used are still in place. 
  • Ideas that were created prior to these changes have been saved, but are displayed in read-only format.

Form Builder access:

  • The Edit link that was directing users to the Form Builder has been replaced with a form selection drop-down and a Manage Ideation Forms option:

    With these changes you can either select any existing form to be applied to an Ideation group, or access the Ideation Form configuration screen, with the ability to create new forms or to update existing forms.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

  • We’ve added a few features to objectives in AgileCraft, to further support an OKR framework. There were three major changes to the objective work item:
    • Objective Hierarchy: Objectives now have a Parent Objective field to build an objective hierarchy. The relationship is restricted by the objective level – for example, a team objective’s parent must be a program objective.
    • Key ResultsOn objectives, you may now define desired results, then measure and trend outcomes using a count, percentage, currency, or NPS score. When viewing an objective's details slide-out panel, you can launch a dashboard to show trends against your key results, and update progress manually or via API.
    • Changes to Work Item Relationships: Instead of a multi-select field, related work items sections in an objective's details panel now show as a list with details. New items can be created inline from these sections. This enables quicker decomposition of work in context of objectives, and displays development progress of the items while reviewing objectives.

  • More enhancements are planned for objectives and key results in future releases.

Objectives Tree Report (AgileCraft Labs)

  • To visualize the new objective hierarchy and progress against key results, we have introduced the first iteration of the Objectives Tree report. After selecting a root objective, the view will display all related parent and child objectives as cards. The progress bar at the top of each card is a rollup of all key result progress.

  • The Objectives Tree can be toggled on in role permissions:

Canvas (AgileCraft Labs)

  • In the first iteration of the AgileCraft Canvas page, users can create a series of blocks with rich text, state and links to build dynamic canvases. The view will also support a few templates out of the box for:
    • Portfolio Canvas
    • Business Model Canvas
    • Lean Canvas
    • Release Train Canvas
    • Value Stream Canvas

  • The legacy Business Model Canvas page will remain available until this new Canvas page has parity with existing functionality and exits AgileCraft Labs.

Jira Connector

  • The Jira connector was updated to support the upcoming changes to the Jira Cloud REST APIs in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation. The connector now supports both the previous and changed API versions, and these changes currently do not affect Jira Server customers.


  • Themes now support custom fields. The ability to display custom theme fields on backlog and grid pages will be delivered over the 10.42 and 10.43 releases.

Defect Fixes by Area

Team Room

  • Fixed an issue with the Sprint Board Heatmap inside of Team Room. Accepted stories were erroneously displaying as Test Complete.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sprint Board Heatmap was not showing correct status for work items that are integrated with an external tool. Now work item status in Team Room is aligned with its status in the external tool.


  • Fixed an issue with external users not being able to reset their passwords due to a "Captcha Expired" error. External Ideation users may now reset their passwords.
  • Addressed an issue with Ideation sorting in the external Ideation portal. Available sort options are: Sort Created By Ascending, Create Date Descending, Title Ascending, and Vote Count Descending (default).
  • Addressed an issue where the title of an idea was not copied when converting an idea to a feature.


  • Removed the erroneous ability to assign objectives to inactive teams.
  • Removed objectives assigned to inactive teams from Progress by Objective report views and calculations.


  • Fixed an issue where roadmaps would not render where no program increments existed. Previously it would render an empty state – now it defaults to unplanned work so users can still manage work on the roadmap calendar view without program increments.
  • Fixed an issue where stories rolling up to feature bars from different teams were not adding together but stacking. Now the full rollup is shown.
  • Fixed a browser issue where roadmap counts were rendering differently; in Google Chrome the number of stories displayed in a colored box, while in FireFox those numbers were unbound by a box.
  • Fixed a performance timeout issue when choosing columns: the page never resolved the dialogue box for users to select or deselect the columns being shown.
  • Fixed an issue where the the External ID field was not displaying on features.

Program Board

  • Changed label on Program Board from Objectives to Team Objectives.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the circular loading animation to not display when loading the Program Board and other AgileCraft pages.


  • Fixed an issue with Capture functionality in the Story Review Report not capturing all report data.
  • Fixed an issue where the the proper data was not being presented in the spider chart of Assessment Results.
  • Filter options in the Team Details Report were changed to match the currently available team roles. Filter was broken to two sections: Agile Team Roles and Program Team Roles. This will add more visibility on what level of teams or users is currently displayed in the report.


  • Fixed an issue with the test suite slide-out panel not rendering due to huge numbers of users in the Test Suite Owners list. We have optimized the load of the drop-down so that now the test suite slide-out is loaded without issue.
  • When attempting to delete an epic, if it is associated to work items, the user will receive a message that prevents them from deleting that work item and shows all associated work items.
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