Release Notes for 10.40


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Enhancements and Features

Team Meetings

Pass Facilitator Role in Retrospective Meeting 

  • On occasion, meeting facilitators may need to leave retrospective meetings, or are forced to leave due to connection problems. Previously, the facilitator role was passed to the person seated to the right of the facilitator, and it became difficult to pass the facilitator role back to the right person. To resolve this issue, we have added the ability to pass the facilitator role during retrospective meetings:  

    This option appears only for the current facilitator, and the users list includes all members in attendance at that time. To pass the facilitator role, you must select the person from list and then confirm reassignment. Once confirmed, the selected user becomes the new facilitator. 

Pass Dealer Role in Planning Poker Meeting 

  • Similar to the Pass Facilitator functionality in the retrospective meeting, the Pass Dealer option was added to Planning Poker.  With this functionality, the current dealer can assign the dealer role to another person.  


  • We continued to add column options for features on the backlog with the addition of the State column. This will also be added to the backlogs for stories, capabilities, epics and themes in future releases.

Time Tracking Performance

  • Optimized performance for user drop-downs by only loading usernames when their type is selected in the Group-by drop-down.

QC Connector

  • Added the ability to map a QC project to multiple AgileCraft programs. Users can specify a drop-down in QC and map its values to AgileCraft programs. When defects are synced to QC, they will be routed to different programs according to the mapped values. This functionality will allow greater flexibility in connector configuration. 
  • A new configuration option was added to allow mapping a defect to a story in AgileCraft. This new functionality will provide better traceability to the source of a defect and better reporting in AgileCraft.

Users API

  • Introduced new functionality that allows API consumers to set a team and team role for a user in the create call (POST). For more details on this API call please refer to the API documentation by navigating to https://<yourinstancename>

Defect Fixes by Area

Team Room

  • Fixed an issue where the story discussion bubble was not displayed in the correct color after page refresh. Now, bubbles for stories with closed discussions are always blue.


  • Updated the objective form so that it would not remove all links when changing an objective’s Tier.
  • Updated the dependency search on the objective slide-out panel to allow users to search for dependencies by ID.


  • Added a Select one option to drop-downs in the idea slide out. This will prevent an issue where the first value in a drop-down was selected automatically.
  • Addressed an issue that caused inconsistencies in the user's profile picture shown for external users in Ideation.


  • In the Capabilities slide-out, a problem was corrected that caused filtering issues when searching for existing features to add to the capability. If a Release was not selected and Filter by Release was selected, then features were not filtering properly.


  • Character count validation was added to the Description field.

Kanban Boards

  • Fixed an issue where an error message did not display the name of the correct admin to contact.
  • Added scrolling to the Move Items list in custom Kanban. Previously, long lists weren’t fully visible so users weren’t able to move items to columns that were at the bottom of lists.


  • Fixed an issue where current FTEs on the Forecast page in the Plan Capacity modal were not updating as expected. Now, when a user enters the available FTEs in the fields, the system then calculates the available member/team weeks based on that number (8 team members in a PI = 8 X 10 weeks (5 2-week sprints) = 80) and reduces the needed capacity by that amount. 


  • Fixed a performance issue when loading tags to filter by in environments with a high number of tags.

Program Room

  • Fixed an issue where epic and capability progress bars in the Program Room did not show progress even when they had completed work.


  • Fixed an issue where ranking was not working as expected on the solution backlog in the Global Ranking view when no PI is selected in the Configuration bar.
  • Fixed an issue where if custom fields were applied as a filter, their given names would not appear correctly in the list of filters applied.
  • Fixed an issue where feature and story backlogs were rendering incorrectly due to multiple tabs being open at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where velocity on the backlog was not rendering correctly when the user had a portfolio and PI selected. It now renders cumulative load and velocity.
  • Fixed an issue where the Acceptance Criteria column for capabilities did not display acceptance criteria, even if there were acceptance criteria on the work items.


  • Fixed an issue with scroll bars in a few different views where they would automatically scroll to the bottom. Now, they are anchored at the top until scrolled.
  • Updated the WIP report to handle custom terminology correctly on the Work in Process State report. This change will remove label overlapping issues.  
  • Fixed an issue with Add Story user permissions. Now users that do not have Add Story permissions enabled are not allowed to add stories using Quick Add.
  • Updated progress bar tooltips not to include data that is related to items that were deleted or moved to the recycle bin.
  • Addressed alignment issues in the Progress by Objective report that were observed in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Now, columns are aligned with headers.
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