Release Notes for 10.39


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Enhancements and Features


  • The Team Owner/Lead fields have been removed from Program, Value Stream, and Portfolios.

Note: These fields were not tied to existing features, reports, or exports. While we understand that these attributes can be used to help identify points of contacts in large organizations, we decided to take a step towards a simpler experience. Over the last year, we’ve been gathering feedback from our user community through webinars, surveys, demos, and conversations. It’s clear that the community is looking for us to deliver that simpler experience. This means discussing the value that each field, chart, report, and feature provides and making hard decisions.

Team Room

  • The burndown chart in the Team Room was simplified to a line chart. The charts in Short Term Metrics were also updated to make them more readable, and we added the ability to toggle the data on the charts on and off.

Program Board View Types

On the Program Board, we have added two alternate view options:

  • Normal View: View larger cards with more information – including the full title and ID of the work item.
  • Heat Map View: View smaller versions of the cards to compress larger Program Boards and focus on problem areas.

Program Room

  • Updates were made to the Feature by Epic and Feature by Capability. Previously, users would need to select the View More button at the bottom of the feature list, and then select an Expand or Collapse All button to expand or collapse all features on the list. Users can now view more features in the list in an expanded or collapsed state using either the View More – Expanded or View More – Collapsed buttons. This removes required clicks and allows the user to only expand the features needed.

Zendesk Connector

The AgileCraft Zendesk connector now syncs AgileCraft discussions:

  • Zendesk internal notes and public replies sync to AgileCraft as discussions. 
  • Discussions in AgileCraft will sync to Zendesk as internal notes. 

This new functionality allows better collaboration between teams in AgileCraft and Zendesk.

List Teams API

  • A new API call is now available that will allow listing of teams in AgileCraft. For additional details, please refer to the updated API documentation for your instance at

Defect Fixes by Area


  • Fixed an issue where progress updates in value engineering would not record. Now, the latest update will appear at the bottom of the Value Engineering panel.
  • Fixed an issue when copying an epic that caused the newly created epic to have a system-generated title instead of the one entered by the user.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented personas with multiple programs assigned from showing up in the value hypothesis definition modal for epics. To view this modal, select Build Value Hypothesis in the Value tab for epics.
  • Fixed an issue where dependencies associated with an epic wouldn’t appear on the Epic Trace To view this page, select Trace this Epic from the epic slide-out.


  • Fixed an issue where the Jira Project field would disappear after selecting an epic when creating a feature.
  • Fixed a discrepancy in the features rendering on the feature grid in comparison to the Program Board.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented personas with multiple programs assigned from showing up in the value hypothesis definition modal for features. To view this modal, select Build Value Hypothesis in the Value tab for features.

Test Cases

  • Fixed an issue when editing test case in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Now, users can add and edit test case steps and expected results in these browsers. 

Program Room

  • Fixed an issue where the features list would not appear in the Program Room when using Firefox and Internet Explorer. Now, the features list in Program Room is displayed as it would in other browsers.  

Sprint Coaching

  • Updated the Sprint Coaching report to show correct acceptance criteria counters. Previously, the number of completed acceptance criteria was combined with the number of acceptance criteria in the Not Started state.

Test Sets

  • Fixed an error that prevented users from running sprint test sets. 

Team Room

  • Updated Story Points Progress in My View to show progress based on items that are owned by the user. 


  • Updated the story import to differentiate if a user wants to update existing acceptance criteria or wants to add new ones. Some more details: 
    • If an acceptance criteria ID in the import file is in ~~ , AgileCraft will create a new acceptance criteria for the story it’s assigned to.
    • If an acceptance criteria ID in the import file is in ** and the ID belongs to the current story, AgileCraft will will update the acceptance criteria.
    • If an acceptance criteria ID in the import file is in ** and and the ID belongs to a different story, we won’t update the acceptance criteria. 

Process Step Cycle Time

  • Fixed an issue with the Process Step Cycle Time report not being updated when setting time range. Now, the report provides data based on time range selected. 

Release Vehicles

  • Fixed an issue where release vehicle progress wasn’t including story progress if its parent feature was not tied to the same release vehicle. If the feature does not have a release vehicle, the progress now pulls from the underlying stories.


  • Fixed an issue on the objectives grid where the Team filter was only restricting to one program, even if multiple programs were selected. 


  • Fixed an issue where users were able to apply an empty filter in Roadmaps without the ability to remove it.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue where work items that shared an ID would unintentionally highlight together, even if there was no connection.

Work Tree

  • Fixed a performance issue where expanding a program increment in the Work Tree expanded all child programs and work items.


  • Added external ideation users as options in the Created By filter in Ideation.

TFS Connector

  • Addressed a problem that prevented the AgileCraft URL from being populated in TFS.
  • Improved the sync error message to include a work item ID that appears when an invalid product is selected in TFS.


  • Addressed an issue where the theme, epic, capability, feature, and story grids would not filtered correctly when resetting the program increment to None in the Configuration bar. Now, when Reset to None is selected in the Configuration bar, only work items that are associated with Unassigned Program Increment appear on these grids.
  • Updated the PI selector in the Configuration bar to show PIs that aren’t assigned to a portfolio directly, but are assigned to the portfolio’s programs.  
  • Fixed an issue where extra semi colons were added to custom case development field titles.
  • Fixed an issue in Firefox where tags on work items were not showing up or could not be added.
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