Release Notes for 10.38


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Enhancements and Features

Program Room 

Updated the Story Attachments link and icon. Once selected, the story edit slide-out now opens with focus set to the Attachments section. 

Program Board

Features on the Program Board will now turn green when all associated stories are accepted. When an accepted feature has planning issues, a red earmark and black checkmark will display. When an accepted feature has no planning issues, only a black checkmark will display.

Features that were split are visually represented on the Program Board with a black border on one side. Original features that were split will have a border on the right, while new features created from a split will have a border on the left.

Detailed Sprint Progress Report 

Added a Filter by Person drop-down to the Detailed Sprint Progress Report. The List of Users contains all users that are currently assigned to the sprint.  

When the filter is applied, only stories that have tasks assigned to the selected user will be listed in the report. Tasks under stories will be filtered by the selected user as well.

Use New Fields on Features

Additional fields have been added to features, and may be toggled-on from the Page Configuration settings grid:

  • Report Color
  • Affected Countries
  • Associated Ticket

View More Fields from Feature Backlog

Additional fields may be selected as columns to display on the Feature Backlog page:

  • Estimate
  • External ID (If applicable)
  • Functional Area
  • Operational Step
  • Org Structure
  • Portfolio Ask
  • Primary Program 
  • Priority
  • Program Increment
  • Requestor
  • Source
  • Target Completion Sprint
  • Target Start Sprint
  • Test Categories
  • Trace
  • Work Code


Made updates to the Feature by Capability view on the Program Room page:

  • All work items displayed are now loaded in a closed state.
  • A View More button was added to limit the amount of data loaded and increase overall performance.
  • Work item data is loaded as it is opened.
  • Defect fixes were made to drawer state.

Updates to the Dependencies grid page:

  • Page has been enhanced to only load the currently displayed view (Your RequestsTo DoAll). 
  • Previously, the page loaded the contents of non-visible views in the background.
  • The contents of each view are now loaded when selected, resulting in faster page load times.

Updates to dependency slide-out editor panels:

  • Enhanced the method used by editor panels to detect the related Team PO and Team SM of a Dependent Team.
  • Editor panel load times are now significantly faster.


Introduced functionality that allows external idea groups to require user login before ideas can be seen. This new functionality also allows users to be approved or denied access for each idea group.  To enable this new functionality, click on the "Approve External Users" checkbox in the idea group setup slide out. When a user that does not have access to the group accesses the group for the first time, an email requesting access will be sent to group administrators. 


TFS/Azure DevOps Connector 

Defects will not have the Team field populated by the TFS/Azure DevOps area path. Previously, defects were only able to be mapped to the program level in AgileCraft. 

Defect Fixes by Area


  • Fixed an issue where blocked dependencies were not showing the correct blocked status for requesting teams.


  • Fixed an issue that where incorrect values were displayed in the Type label on the Teams page. Program and portfolio teams now display the correct value set in terminology. 


  • Updated the feature editing page to allow features to be saved with an association to an archived release vehicle. 
  • Added Manage Requesters control to feature permission settings. When enabled, a user may add, edit and delete Requesters while editing a feature. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Tag filter in the advanced configuration did not filter feature grid or feature estimation views. 


  • Updated the story audit log to capture a simultaneous assignment to a sprint and change of state to accepted.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering by state on the story grid was showing the wrong operator. 


  • Removed invalid menu option in the Defects page under More actions > Customization. 
  • Increased the defect Description field character limit to 4000 characters. 


  • Fixed an issue where child counts on backlogs were not filtering by the context menu selection.

Program Room

  • Added pagination to the Feature by Capability/Epic View to improve the performance of Program Room. 
  • Fixed an issue where the program increment was filtering the runway calculations as opposed to rendering the full runway for the program. 


  • Updated Velocity in the Capacity Planning Report to match actual team velocity that is used in all other places of application.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Points Delivered by Type Report was not filtering by program. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Coaching Report would state the team did not meet the goal when no goal was actually set. 
  • Fixed an issue with Extra Configs in Release Vehicle Roadmap. Now, changes to Extra Configs affects data in report and only items that match configuration display.

TFS/VSTS Connector

  • Addressed an issue that prevented story types from syncing from AgileCraft to TFS.

  • Updated TFS connector behavior so that it may process and sync changes made quickly one after another.

  • Changed the VSTS connector behavior so that if an invalid path is specified in the iteration path exclude path, then that iteration is skipped and the sync will still execute. 


  • Fixed an error that was displaying when creating goals for sprints with IP (Innovation & Planning) sprint type. 
  • Updated Contributing Programs list on release vehicles to not include solutions or parent programs.
  • Fixed an issue where names were not sorting as expected on the Dependency grid page. 
  • Resolved confusion on the Dependency grid page by changing the name of the Action Required/All Dependencies column to Title.
  • Fixed an issue where custom fields were not available on the Risk grid page. 
  • Fixed an issue where page level filters were overriding settings in the configuration bar. 
  • Made the field order more consistent across work items by moving the Development Process Step field above the More Details line on capabilities and epics. 
  • Fixed an issue in the Sprint grid that resulted in an error if the PI and Sprint filters were selected. Now search results will show sprints that match the search criteria. 
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