Release Notes for 10.37


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Defects and Enhancements            


  • Removed Select All functionality when assigning users to teams. This option caused some confusion and a lot of rework when used, so we decided to remove it.  


  • Updated external links for checklists to support links with up to 500 characters.  


  • Added validation to the Finance tab on stand-alone features. Validation is now the same on the Finance tab for epics and will restrict users from entering large values to fields that resulted in database errors.  

Team Room

  • Added the Pending Approval state as an option to the story gear menu in the Sprint Board view.   


  • Updated the grid to be filtered based on the product selected in the Configuration bar. Filtering is performed based on the product associated with stories’ parent features.


  • The Portfolio Room page was reviewed and rewritten to provide faster load times and better usability:
    • Each widget on the page now loads independently, allowing the user to begin interacting with a widget without having to wait for the remaining widgets to load.
    • Execution and Resources now share data and will no longer reload like information between each page.
    • The views are now cached. Once loaded, each tab can be viewed without requiring a reload of data.
    • Data on the Financials tab is now loaded as needed, as opposed to loading all data when the tab is selected. Release information is loaded when the Release drawer is opened. Capability or feature information is loaded when the Epic drawer is opened.
  • Teams page - Editor windows for the following team types were updated to resolve long load times and occasional page timeouts when viewing large sets of users:
    • Portfolio Teams
    • Program Teams
    • Agile Teams
    • Community of Practice Teams
  • Teams page - Editor windows for all team types were updated:
    • The Team Owner field has been removed.
    • Optimizations have been made to the Team Roles drop-down menus.
    • Work is still ongoing on these pages as well as other pages with a Team Owner field. Further enhancements will be provided in future releases.

TFS/Azure DevOps Connector

  • Added the option to only look in the team list in TFS/Azure DevOps when assigning users to work items.  This option will help customers may have multiple users with the same email in the same TFS/Azure DevOps instance. 

See also

Configure and Activate TFS/Azure DevOps Integration

Zendesk Connector

  • Introduced the ability to sync team assignment from Zendesk to AgileCraft. Integration administrators will need to add a custom dropdown to Zendesk. They can then work with AgileCraft to configure mapping of the values in that dropdown to AgileCraft teams. 

Users API

  • Introduced the ability to view and update a user's team assignment in the Users API.
    In the Users call, we will return additional data elements that contain that user’s team assignment. In the create and update call for users, team and role information can now be included.  

Defect Areas Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the mandatory Jira Project field would not appear when creating epics within programs that were mapped to Jira.
  • Updated investment type custom options to crop only if they are wider than the corresponding dropdown. 


  • Fixed an issue that would occur when adding features from the capability edit panel. Previously, the error occurred when adding features one by one. Now, users are able to add features one after another. 
  • The capability slide-out was updated so that when the platform setting for Solution > Span Capabilities Across Program Increments is set to No, there is a single select field for program increment. Previously, there was a multi-select field for PI on capability work item slide-outs that allowed users to add multiple program increments to a capability, only to receive an error upon saving.


  • Fixed an issue when applying the sprint filter in the advanced config on the defects grid. 

Program Room

  • Fixed an issue where, on some screen sizes, the column width was causing icons to appear as ellipses 

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue where Program Board colors would not update after making changes and closing the details panel.


  • Fixed an issue with the ideation portal in Internet Explorer. Now, users are able to vote on ideas in Internet Explorer.  

Team Room

  • Fixed an issue with the This Sprint has not started... label in team room being truncated if the Sprint term was changed in platform terminology. 
  • Fixed an issue with the sprint list in the Team Room not being filtered based on date range filtering from the Configuration bar. Now, when applying the date range filter in the Configuration bar, sprints in the Sprint selector are filtered to ones that fully fall within the selected Date Range
  • Updated the story list in the Team Room to be updated after a story is dropped from the sprint.


  • The TFS/Azure DevOps connector was updated so that when a work item type is excluded from the Json configuration, it will not be synced.
  • Addressed a problem that prevented links between epics and features from syncing to AgileCraft in some scenarios.


  • Addressed an issue where the system would not send email notifications to users that were tagged in work items discussions. Previously, this functionality was working only for stories; now it works for epics, capabilities, and features as well. 
  • Added Beta tags to all links and buttons that allow user to access the dashboard. Added Beta tag to the Dashboard page.
  • Corrected a problem that caused the AgileCraft icon to not appear correctly in the JIRA links section for a synced work item.
  • Changed the behavior of the recycle bin so that item statuses aren’t changed as part of the process. This will prevent an issue encountered when the removed state isn’t set up in an AzureDevOps/TFS instance.
  • Updated the Contained in dialog to show full hierarchy. Fixed cosmetic issues with labeling, icons and tooltips in the Contained in dialog.
  • Changed message in the reports landing for the Release Scope report from ‘Am I working on Epics I am confident in?’ to ‘How has scope changed during the Program Increment?’. The new message clearly describes the intent of this report.
  • Removed HTML tags from story descriptions in the Story Estimation Report.
  • Fixed capture functionality on the Status Report page to capture the entire report. 
  • Updated the Release Progress report to track items that were accepted on a first day of a release. 



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