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Pages that contain a table or grid typically have an option to select which columns to display, providing some level of customization. For example, on the risks page, you can select from over 25 different columns of data to display. You can select up to eight columns to show on a page except for the features grid—it allows a maximum of twelve columns.

  1. To select columns to display on a page, click the # Columns Shown button on the toolbar.


    Note: On some pages, the # Columns Shown option resides in the More Actions menu; click the More Actions menu on the toolbar to access the # Columns Shown menu item.


  2. The Customize Your Columns dialog box displays the list of columns available for the page. Turn on each column that you want to display.


    Note: Only fields that have been set to Active inside of Details Pages Settings will display as choices in the Customize Your Columns dialog. 
  3. Click Save to display the selected columns.
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