Configuration, the configuration bar, and advanced configuration


The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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This article describes the old navigation. For information about the new navigation, click here.

Configuration Bar

Use the Configuration bar, located at the top of each Jira Align page, to set the configuration parameters for your work items in Jira Align, as well as set advanced configuration settings.

Select Work Environment


Use the Program, Program Increment, and/or other configuration menus (click the + icon in the configuration bar) to set your work environment/parameters. Your selected parameters remain as defaults and impact your views as you navigate throughout Jira Align, so the same parameters are consistently applied to all of your work. You can change the settings at any time by clicking the desired parameter on the Configuration bar, located at the top of every Jira Align page. Clicking the parameter opens an associated menu, where you can search for and select parameter values.


The Reset button in the Configuration bar removes the selections you make in that menu. For example, if you selected the Reset button in the PI filter menu, the PI filter you applied in the Configuration bar would be removed and all work items would appear on pages, regardless of PI assignment.

Advanced Configuration


The Advanced Configuration menu, available by clicking the gears icon, allows you to set, save, and select a grouping of parameters available on the Configuration bar. In addition to Program, Program Increment, Release Vehicle, Product, and Organization Structure parameters, you can also select values for the following parameters:

  • Sprint
  • Business Driver
  • Functional Area
  • Strategic Snapshot
  • Defect Suite
  • Tags

To create a saved configuration—a grouping of selected parameter values—follow these steps:

  1. Select values for desired parameters from the Advanced Configuration menu.
  2. Click the Save as New button at the bottom of the menu; a message displays asking you to name this configuration.
  3. Enter a name for the configuration, and then click Save. The configuration settings are applied to the current Jira Align page.

Saved configurations can be accessed and applied via the Saved Configurations field at the top of the menu. Also, note that you can delete and edit the names of saved configurations.

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