Release Notes for 10.36


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Defects and Enhancements


  • Updated the audit log not to track changes to the Target date when it wasn’t actually updated.

Portfolio Room

  • Fixed an issue with stand-alone Features not showing total story points assigned. 
  • Aligned Portfolio and Program budget allocations with the Budgetary Tracking report. The budget calculations now pull from the PI budget allocations as opposed to work item rollups.

Azure DevOps/TFS Connector

  • Added the ability to map the Type field for Feature and Story for a bidirectional sync with the Azure DevOps/TFS Value Area field. The JSON configuration must be edited to include the new configuration options in the work item section for Features and Stories. Example mappings are included below. A default option is included and will be used if an unmapped type is encountered during the sync process.
"FeatureType": {
                  "Default" : "Business",

                  "Business" : "Business",

                  "Architectural": "Architectural"

"ReverseFeatureType": {

                  "Default" : "Business",

                  "Business" : "Business",

                  "Architectural": "Architectural"

StoryType": {

         "Default" : "User",

         "Business" : "User",

         "Architectural": "Automation"

"ReverseStoryType": {

          "Default" : "User",

          "User": "Business"
  • Introduced the ability to sync the Product field for Features with a custom field in Azure DevOps/TFS. In order to take advantage of this functionality, users must add a dropdown custom field with values that will map to the Product dropdown in AgileCraft. Connector administrators must then edit the JSON configuration to include the name of the custom field and the mapping for the values across both systems.
"ProductFieldName": "Product field",

"Product": [


              "ExternalKey": "Product 1",

              "AgileCraftId": "87"



              "ExternalKey": "Product 2",

              "AgileCraftId": "88"



Defect Areas Fixes

Team Room

  • Fixed an issue with permissions for running stand-up meetings. Now, when the Allow Team To Run Standup option is enabled at the Team level, any team member can run a stand-up meeting from the Team Room.
  • Fixed an issue with the column totals in the Sprint Board view of the Team Room. Previously, the total was changed to zero when moving an item to a different column with some items remaining in the column.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue on the Program Board where the row order was impacting whether work was flagged as blocked.
  • Fixed an issue where Features without underlying stories were shown in a sprint associated with the prior PI even after the PI was changed on the Program Room.
  • Fixed an issue where the team filter was causing Milestones to not show up on the Program Board.


  • Updated the Story Quick Add functionality on a Feature's slide-out panel. Now, a user can add a Story without LOE defined.
  • Addressed an issue with the Cancel and Drop functionality for stories in an ongoing sprint. Previously, a user without permissions for dropping or canceling a story was able to cancel or drop a story from sprint that is in progress.


  • Update the audit log for tasks to track changes to a task's state. Previously, when remaining time on a task was set to zero, the task's state was automatically set to Done, but such changes weren’t recorded in the audit log.
  • Updated the Tasks grid to be filtered based on the Team selected on the Configuration bar.
  • Updated the color coding for task states on the Print Task Cards page.


  • Fixed the ability to create new Lean Use Cases. Previously, the user wasn’t able to save lean use cases without the Start and End dates defined even when these fields weren’t required.
  • Fixed an issue with the text overflowing the Description box in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Added the ability to move a work item to a sub-column on a Kanban Board.
  • Fixed the following issues with Program and Portfolio editing in Internet Explorer:
    • Added the ability to access the Members tab.
    • Added the ability to update titles.
    • Added the ability to access the audit log.
  • Updated a Brainstorming card's title to crop when it doesn’t fit the card's size.
  • Fixed an issue with the Awards grid showing duplicated records.
  • Fixed an issue with the side menu not showing scroll in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue where changes made to Current Terminology didn't apply.
  • Fixed an issue where the story counts on the progress card and the Program Room were not aligned.
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