Release Notes for 10.35


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Defects and Enhancements

Ordering of items in Work Tree

  • In this release, we are changing the mechanism for work item ordering in the Work Tree. Previously, the items were ordered in an alphabetical order; now, we are using rank to build the list. Epics in the Top Down view are ordered based on their program by PI rank, child items are listed based on their rank under their parent.

In the Strategy view, goals are listed in an alphabetical order (same as before), themes are ordered based on their global rank (same applies to the Theme Group view), child items are ordered by their rank under the parent (applicable to the Theme Group as well).

These changes will align the backlog and Work Tree and will allow users to see the most important work first in the Work Tree lists.

Aligned work item's title length restrictions on UI and in import

  • We have updated work item title limitations to align them in import and on UI. Now themes, epics, capabilities, features, defects, objectives, tasks, and test cases titles are limited to maximum of 250 characters (300 for stories) when editing an item's title from UI or via import.

All work items that were created before these restrictions were enforced will not be changed. For work items that are brought to AgileCraft from external systems, these limitations aren’t applicable, meaning you can sync titles that exceed 250 and 300 characters. However, you will be forced to update an item's title when editing the item.

Azure DevOps/TFS Connector

  • The Azure DevOps/TFS connector was updated to sync the Capitalized flag on features. To take advantage of this functionality, users will need to add a custom dropdown to their feature work item template in Azure DevOps/TFS. The custom dropdown must contain Yes/No values. The Azure DevOps/TFS field name will also need to be specified in the connector configuration.


  • The backlog was updated to save rank by parent for stories under stand-alone Features.

Program Room

  • Updated the Dependencies widget to show dependencies' titles.


  • Updated export to include the Notes, Blocked status, and Automation status fields for Tasks.

WIP Report

  • Fixed an issue with epics that have no children. Now epics that have no child objects assigned appear in the WIP report.


  • Teams can now be assigned on defects. Defects created before this enhancement's implementation will derive their team assignments from the assigned sprint.

Defect Areas Fixes

Program Room

  • Fixed an issue with the Program Room not showing correct data with a solution selected on the Configuration bar. Now, with a solution selected on the Configuration bar and a program selected on the toolbar, only data that is relevant to the program selected appears in all Program Room widgets. 
  • Fixed an issue with widgets in the Program Room not providing information on a newly selected Program. Now when changing the program on the Configuration bar, all widgets show data that is relevant to the newly selected program.

  • Fixed an issue where dependency filters in the Program Room differed from the dependency grid.

  • Fixed an issue where the Program Board details hover was not rendering in Internet Explorer 11.

  • Fixed an issue where a capability was hardcoded in the Program Room list view selection.


  • Updated the capabilities export to include information on Portfolio Ask, Start/Initiation, and Target Completion dates.

  • Updated the defects export to work correctly with the Include HTML formatting toggle. Now when a user turns it off in export, HTML tags won’t be included in the export file.

  • Updated the import template to show an asterisk next to required fields on the Test Cases and Test Cases Steps tabs.

  • Updated the Quick Add functionality for Stories on the Feature's slide-out panel. Now LOE is not required when adding new Story from the Feature's slide-out panel.


  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip when hovering over an epic's title in the portfolio room. Now it correctly displays an epic's title.

  • Updated a team's slide-out panel not to save changes to a team's settings when updating a team's picture.

  • Updated instructions on the Promote Story page to provide a clearer description of the promotion process.

  • Fixed an issue with the functional area selected in the Advanced configuration not filtering the Features grid.

  • Fixed an issue with epic progress in the Portfolio Room not being displayed correctly for portfolios with enabled capabilities.

  • Added ability to set Completed Fixed Date Milestone on an epic's slide-out panel back to Not Completed.

  • Updated the filter labels to match the actual fields titles. These changes apply to filtering by the Assigned field on the Stories grid and by the Owner field on the Tasks grid.

  • Updated the Planned vs Actual Velocity Variation by Team report to crop the team's name if there are more than 15 teams to avoid team names overlapping.

  • Updated the Strategy Tree to show strategy goals when accessing it for the first time.

  • Addressed an issue with notifications received by users that were tagged and then deleted before the message was submitted into a discussion.

  • Fixed an issue with users not being able to unblock a feature that was accepted based on its status in Jira without being unblocked in AgileCraft. Now when a blocked feature gets accepted, the Blocked field is displayed until a user unblocks the feature.

  • Fixed an issue where a scroll bar would render on the Program Board hover. The height is now dynamic to its content.

  • Addressed unexpected behavior for users contributing as an additional program on work items. Users were unable to search for work items in an additional program and were able to view child items regardless of permissions.

  • Fixed an issue where forecast estimates persisted even though the program increment relationship was removed. This caused the load estimations in the epic's backlog column view to render higher than expected.

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