Release Notes for 10.34


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Defects and Enhancements 

Updated workflows to support changes in Portfolio, Program, and Team Roles 

  • As we moved some roles from Agile team roles to portfolio and program teams, we updated workflow functionality to support these changes. In one of the previous releases, we moved the Release Train Engineer role from an Agile team selection to a program-level team selection. Business Owner, Epic Owner, and Enterprise Architect were moved to portfolio-level teams. Now, these changes are reflected in workflows that can be configured under Administration
    These updates allow users to configure email notification functionality in a more granular way.  
    All workflows that were previously configured are in place.  

RTC Connector 

  • Modified the RTC connector so that when a connector is first created it is set to Inactive. This will prevent data from being synced before the configuration is completed.
  • The new RTC Synchronization Logs page contains logs that show warning and errors for area paths, states, custom fields, and enumerations configuration. 

Audit Log 

  • Updated the audit logs to record changes to epics’ long-term goals if an epic is updated through import. 
  • Updated the audit logs to show a feature owner’s first and last name if a feature is updated through import. Previously, only the first name was recorded. 

Team Room 

  • Fixed an issue with the Defect Trend Report not showing data. Now, it shows actual data on defects and historical data about defects.  


  • Users in the Essentials and Professional packages can now fully manage and create custom roles. In Administration under Roles, users can edit existing roles in the context of what’s available in their package. Newly created roles will be immediately available in the user role drop-down menu.


  • When toggling on Custom Kanban at one menu level, it would toggle on all other menu levels. The Custom Kanban toggle in Administration is now disconnected so it can be toggled on at one level without turning on other menu levels.

Defect Areas Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the Points column not appearing in the backlog and the Features grid. Now, when enabling it in Columns Shown, the column displays the sum of all story points for stories that are assigned to the feature.


  • Addressed an issue with an error that was appearing for external users when creating a new idea. Previously, there was a title and description limitation to 50 characters that wasn’t visible to users. Now, the title and description arelimited to 1000 characters. If a user creates an idea with less than 1000 characters, it’s submitted without errors. If the user tries to submit an idea with a title or description that exceeds the limitation, a warning will appear.
  • Users now only need to be added to an ideation group and have the Ideation permission enabled in their system role to be able to submit ideas to an ideation group. 
  • Corrected an issue that displayed the incorrect number of attachments on an idea.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Needs More Access message to appear when the Ideation module is enabled.


  • Fixed an issue with reports not appearing in the search results on the Reportslanding page. With these changes, the Planned vs. Earned Velocity, Release Defect Trend, Stories By State, and other reports will now appear in search on the Reports landing   


  • Fixed an error that appeared when trying to add cards to Kanban boards after the list in the Mass Add/Remove dialog box was sorted. 


  • Fixed an issue where no emails were sent to users who subscribed for some dependencies. Now, when users subscribe to a dependency, they will get notifications on any updates that occur with the dependency. 
  • There was a rendering issue when two different dependency types had the same ID. We added a differentiator to make sure they were treated as unique dependencies.


  • Updated the Teams grid to show information about portfolio, solution, and program team owners in the Owners column.

Program Room

  • Added the ability to drop Program Room widgets to the correct widgets column. Previously, users couldn’t drop widgets to the column when it contained no widgets. 
  • Fixed an issue with column alignment in the Program Room. Now, when enabling all story columns and expanding the story list under the Feature column, information for the story is displayed directly underneath the column header.  
  • Addressed an issue with the Program Room layout in Internet Explorer. Now, widgets aren’t overlapping each other, unnecessary scroll bars are removed, and users are able to move widgets. 
  • Fixed an issue where data would persist from a previous program or program increment selection in the Program Room even though the user changed the selection.


  • Updated the Features grid to be filtered by team selection in the Configuration bar. Now, when a team is selected in the Configuration bar, only features with child stories associated with the selected team are listed in the grid. 


  • Fixed an error that appeared when trying to save a story with a specific set of characters in the description.  

Status Reports

  • Updated the total value for EBITDA in Status Reports not to be unnecessarily multiplied. 
  • Fixed capture functionality for Status Reports. Now when capturing a Status Report in the Status view, all information from the report is reflected in the report screenshot. 

Work Tree

  • Added the option to expand to theme to the Theme Group view on the Work Tree. With this option, a user shouldn’t expand each theme manually; this can be done using general Expand all themes content option under Quick Expand.
  • Fixed an error that was appearing when trying to save a story with a specific set of characters in the description. 


  • Fixed an environment-specific issue where features were not rendering on the Estimation page.
  • Fixed an issue with global search not providing any results when searching by work item ID. 
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