Release Notes for 10.33


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Defects and Enhancements


Updated the Convert Card to Capability functionality to force users to select a parent Epic for a Capability. Now when converting a card to a Capability, the Epic drop-down menu appears in the Convert dialog box and a user is not able to create a Capability without a parent Epic defined.


Search algorithms have been improved for global search. Searching in environments with a large amount of data (tens of thousands of work items) and searching for work items using external IDs have been improved. 

Defect Areas Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Sprints widget in the Program Room not showing a Release Vehicle when one or more Release Vehicles have the same Ship Date.

  • Updated the Epic search field on the Risk's slide-out panel to show only Epics mapped to the same Program as is assigned to the Risk.

  • Updated the Ideation voting module to distinguish internal vs. external users.  Previously, when and user’s external ID matched and internal ID, the internal user ID replaced the external ID. Now the Votes By dialog box tracks each unique ID. 

  • Addressed an issue with the Program audit log not using the correct term—Program. Now the term Program in the audit log is tied to terminology instead of the previously used term—Company.

  • Fixed an issue on the Work Tree report. When no selection of PIs is present on the Configuration bar, the Customer filter now returns results.

  • Fixed an issue with the Driver custom drop-down menu options not displayed correctly on the Features grid. Previously, when the Driver options were updated, old values were still displayed on the Features grid. Now when editing the Driver options list and assigning a Feature to any new value, this value appears in the Driver column on the Features grid.

  • Fixed an issue with the Design, Intake, and other Epic's tabs clearing when attempting to save an Epic form with not all required fields filled in.
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