Release Notes for 10.30


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New Enhancements

Detailed Sprint Progress

We have added the ability to filter the Detailed Sprint Progress report by the options from the legend. Now, users can filter it to show everything, to show only tasks where estimates were lowered, remaining time was increased, and other options. Users can also filter the report using combinations of toggles.  

Story Progress Tracking

With the Enable Progress to state mapping option turned on in Portfolio Specific Configuration, accepted stories without tasks will be displayed as completed in progress bars. This option is especially useful for teams that aren’t using tasks and for teams integrated with Jira.


With this option disabled, progress bars will be updated only when time is reported on story tasks.

This option won’t affect any calculations in the application. The changes will update visual representation and will make user experience better.

Team Configuration

We have hidden dev ops, release management, specialized and system team types from the team creation panel. We did this because these teams had no specific functions that were required to make them fully functioning. We plan to bring them back with the correct roles, permissions and functions.

We also updated community of practice teams to make them work and bring value to our users. With these changes, users can create community of practice teams and to assign them to community of practice spaces. Super Admins can create and edit community of practice spaces. Users assigned to a community of practice team can view and edit the community of practice spaces their team is assigned to.

Status Reports

Target Start Date is now a column option on the program board. The column titles for Target Start, Portfolio Ask and Target Completion also now tie to any custom platform terminology.


To view program increment load vs velocity across programs at the epic level, the column view on the backlog now pulls in estimates from the Forecast tab. This allows estimations to balance across programs as well as roll up to multiple program increments.


Updated the Administration Changes log to capture release deletion. Now, when a release is deleted, changes are logged there.

Added a column for Project on the JIRA Boards table on the JIRA Management page. This column displays the JIRA project mapping for a board. If the connector service account does not have permission to view the board in JIRA or the board was deleted, the board has a filter share with administrative groups and projects, the board has a filter share with multiple projects, or the board does not have a project location in JIRA's cloud version or does not have at least one shared project in the filter, then no project will be found in the Project column.

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Defect Areas Fixes


  • Added scroll functionality to the Multi SAFe Epic Estimation. This will allow users to define and edit allocations for epics that are assigned to multiple programs. This option is available only for multi-program epics and appears when selecting Full Details on the epic slide-out panel.


  • Fixed an issue with parent links on the feature grid. Now when clicking on a parent for features that are assigned to portfolios with disabled capabilities, the user is brought to the epic edit panel.
  • Added the ability to sort the feature grid by the Parent column.


  • Removed misalignment between story and task state. Previously, changes to task state weren’t affecting story states in some cases. Now:
    • When a story is in the Pending Approval or Ready to Start state and the state for any task is changed to In Progress or Done, the story state is changed to In Progress.
    • When a story is in the Pending Approval or Ready to Start state and a new task with the In Progress or Done state is created under the story, the story state is changed to In Progress.


  • Updated task creation date to be logged even when a task is created in Done
  • Added Task Creation Date and In Progress Date to the tasks grid, export and as a filter option on the tasks grid.


  • Added the ability to sort the Risks grid by the Program
  • Fixed subscribe functionality for Risks. Now, users can subscribe and receive notifications on Risks they have subscribed to.
  • Fixed an issue with risk workflow email notifications redirecting users to a “Not found” page.


  • Added Owned field to the impediment add and edit panels. With these changes, it’s easier to define who is responsible for impediment tracking and resolution.


  • Fixed an issue where the Unplanned Work view was not rendering correctly on the roadmap.
  • Fixed an issue with the roadmap not being filtered by Not Planned work toggle in Configuration.


  • Fixed not working Reset filters functionality on forecasts.
  • Updated the Forecast page not to show zero estimates as ones that are exceeding capacity. Previously, estimates for items that don’t required any work (zero estimate) were highlighted in red.


  • Addressed an issue with inactive teams being available for selection when creating or editing dependencies. With these changes, teams that aren’t active won’t be available for selection.
  • Fixed an ability to set a committed by date when a Needed By is not defined. This fixes an issue that was allowing users to commit to a dependency from the Committed By column in the To Do view, even when a Needed By was not provided.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue with not all dependencies appearing on the objective card. Now all dependencies, including ones that have no target completion sprint, appear on the objective card.
  • Fixed an issue where dependencies with no target sprint would not show up on the objective details panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the hover card that renders at the bottom of the screen was locking even when the user removed their cursor from the item.
  • Updated the objective quick view on the program board to show features’ external IDs along with internal IDs if this setting is turned on in User Preferences.
  • We increased the required hover time for the Quick View to display, and we validated that this results in the correct information being displayed.

Work Tree

  • Work tree load time has been decreased significantly when loading the work tree with a portfolio selected in the Configuration bar. The work tree no longer displays all top level work item information on load. Moving forward, work item information will load on demand as programs are selected and expanded.

Release Vehicles

  • Updated the Programs label in tooltip that appears when hovering over user's bubble to follow platform terminology.

Status Reports

  • Fixed an issue where the status reports were displaying different epics than the backlog and grid views based on a date range. This now renders based on the Configuration bar selections.


  • Added empty states where the reports weren’t rendering any data on the Investment Distribution report.
  • Updated the story points burndown and effort point burndown to end at zero on the last day of a sprint.
  • Fixed an issue where the search was not recognizing programs or program increments with the & symbol.
  • Added labels to columns on the feature backlog Estimation page.
  • Removed the ability to add a deleted or cancelled capability to capability maps.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when saving work item with tags that contain more then 100 symbols. Now, when a tag is less then 200 characters, the work item is saved. When trying to save work item with tag length exceeding 200 characters, a warning appears.
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