Release Notes for 10.28


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New Enhancements


Added the option to permanently show start/end dates as well as percent completion without hover. This will apply to the .png export as well. You can find the option in the Roadmaps View Configuration under Other Options. Note that this selection will persist when you leave and return to the roadmap.

 Added a configuration to only include work where the selected program is the primary program. Work that applies to the program as a secondary program will not be included. Note that this selection will persist when you leave and return to the roadmap.

 When Epic Key Date Milestones are toggled on, all three dates are now represented by star icons, and include the date when the milestone was marked complete.

 The roadmap now respects a team selection in the Context menu. When a team is selected (or multiple teams), the roadmap will render bottoms-up from the stories to show what work the team is contributing to at the feature, epic, capability and theme levels.

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With the ability to estimate epics in estimated story points introduced in 10.27, Forecast now supports the ability to forecast in points based on program velocity. When points are selected as the estimation system in the form of open text in the platform platform settings, the Forecast tab on epics supports points that tie out to the Forecast Plan Demand view.

M1 (Sprint Metrics) Report

Updated the M1 Report to show only relevant data and to provide a visual identifier for teams that have no sprints generated:

With these changes, the N/A label will appear in a cell where no team sprint was generated. This will allow users to distinguish sprints in which work wasn’t completed or created from teams that weren’t working at that time. 

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Story Completion Ratio

Changed the story ratio to show stories completed vs stories planned correlation in percent.



Introduced additional validation when deleting a program from a theme. Previously, users were able to delete a program that was assigned to one or multiple themes’ children. This was resulting in broken data and incorrect reporting. Now, a program can be removed only when there are no themes’ children assigned to it:


Team Configuration

We have implemented auto-sync for Agile team roles and allocations from team to sprint. Now when adding a user and setting the user’s role and allocation at the team level, the user will be automatically assigned to every future sprint with the selected role and allocations. Team owners won’t have to add users to each sprint manually.

The sync will be applied only to sprints that haven’t started and weren’t modified by users manually. In case the users list, roles, or allocations were changed at the sprint level, changes at the team level won’t take effect in a sprint.

Team owners will still be able to override sprint settings with team-level configuration, or with another sprint configuration. 


Ideation administrators can now view registered ideation users by clicking the Manage Ideation Users button in the top-right of the Ideation page.

The Manage Ideation Users page shows a list of all users that have registered for an external ideation campaign. The page can be filtered by name, email, group or status.

Clicking a UID in the Users list will open a slide-out panel where the user can be disabled. Disabling  users will prevent them from being able to log into the external ideation portal. All their ideas and votes will be preserved. This feature can be used to address spam or inappropriate Ideation portal usage.

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Defect Areas Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the Test Category field on the Feature’s slide-out panel. Now, when it’s required, the user can’t save a feature without defined test categories.
  • Fixed an issue with the Points field on the Feature’s slide-out panel. Now, when it’s required, the user can’t save a feature with a blank Points field.


  • Removed odd ‘to’ from label in the Validate step of Value on the Epic’s slide-out panel.


  • Fixed an issue with the Blocked filter in the Epic Backlog. Now, when a blocked state filter is applied, it appears in the Tier 2 display.
  • Updated labeling in the Backlog when filtering capabilities by the Accepted Previously, the label read Dev Complete. Now, its reads Accepted.
  • Added Primary Program to the list of filters available in the epic and capability backlog. Now, users are able to filter the backlog by epics’ and capabilities’ primary program.


  • Added the ability to edit external dependencies. Previously, users with access to external entities weren’t able to change the external dependency title and owner.
  • Updated the Dependencies grid with the ability to sort by the Depends On column.


  • Updated the Columns Shown dialog box on the Defects grid to show the correct portfolio and correct configuration when a team is selected in the Configuration bar. Before this fix, an incorrect portfolio and configuration was displayed and applied.
  • Fixed an issue with the Defects grid not being filtered by release vehicles selected in the Configuration bar.


  • Updated the Tasks list on the Story’s slide-out panel to show which tasks are blocked:
  • Fixed an issue with the Stories grid opening in a new window when clicking a story in the Tasks grid. Now, the Story’s slide-out panel appears.


  • Fixed an issue with team owners not appearing in the Owners column on the Teams grid. Now, bubbles for Team Owner, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and QA Lead appear in the Owners column on the Teams grid.


  • Fixed an issue with state timestamps not being captured when creating items using Quick Add.
  • Updated the Print Cards functionality to open a printable view in a new tab. Previously, it opened in the same tab and users had no possibility to return to the grid.
  • Updated the Add and Save permissions for impediments to allow users with these permissions to change the team assignment for impediments.
  • Addressed an issue with the Link Map panel going out of screen if a work item with a long name was attached to it. With this fix, stories are cropped correctly and the panel controls and content are always visible.
  • Fixed the Team Velocity Report to include story statistics in the report, even when a story has no tasks and hours reported. Before this fix, only stories that had some tasks and hours were included in the sprint total LOE and LOV calculations.
  • Fixed the Doesn’t contain filter by name on the Products grid. Previously, it was working in the same way as the Contain filter. 
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