Release Notes for 10.27


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New Enhancements


Added ability to export Risks. This option is available in the Risks grid in the More Actions drop-down menu.

With this functionality, the user can export risks with all their attributes. The list is filtered based on the context menu. For now, only the export functionality was introduced, so users won’t be able to import the file back to the application.

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Program Board

The Program Board slide-outs panels have been reformatted to show more information and provide more clarity:

  • The slide-out panel's header for Features now contains the Team's name and icon.
  • On the Feature slide-out panel, the Feature Target Sprint has been added and the sprint assigned on the Program Board has been renamed to Team Target Sprint.
  • Objectives slide-out panel now contains tables for Dependencies and Risks.
  • Tables for related work items have been separated and column headers added.

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Program Board



The Idea Group slide-out panel was enhanced for greater usability:

  • The Administrator field is now mandatory.
  • Fields were re-organized to provide a more logical flow.
  • The External Links and Make States Public options only appear if an Idea Group has been made public.
  • The Token Voting option only appears if voting has been enabled for an Idea Group.
  • The Max Votes Per Idea and Total User Tokens options only appear if Token Voting has been enabled for an Idea Group.

The external Idea Portal was enhanced by adding the number of votes and improving the design of the idea slide-out panel.

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The menu layout was restructured to provide a cleaner look and feel. The limit for column selection was also raised to allow for up to 6 columns displayed at once.

Users can now toggle off percent complete on the Roadmap bars to remove the progress shading and percent label. This toggle will persist across sessions and applies to the .png export.


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AgileCraft now supports estimating Epics and Capabilities in Estimated Story Points as an open text field. This field is now available as a column in the grids, backlog, and roadmaps.

Users can access this setting in Administration > Platform > Portfolio. When Estimation System is set to points, Display Estimates In will appear with the option to select Open Text Field.

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Portfolio Specific



Page Config for hiding and showing fields now includes the Finance and Benefits tab fields on Epics and Stand-alone Features.

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Configure Custom Fields


Defects Area Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with JIRA board search not providing correct results for Board titles that start with space.
  • Changes to parent/children links in VSTS will now be synced to AgileCraft without needing a change to the work item.
  • Service Now Resolved status can now be mapped to the Fixed state and the Closed status in AgileCraft.

Team Room

  • Fixed the Team Room cache issues when going to user view and switching between sprint and dashboard view.
  • Fixed an issue with Team Room not switching to the Team View after navigating between the Sprint Board and Dashboard views.
  • Fixed an issue in which an error would occur when creating a new task from the Sprint Board view.

Time Tracking

  • Aligned how changes through API and UI work for Time Tracking settings. Now when disabling Time Tracking using API, all Time Tracking user’s settings are erased, same as when disabling Time Tracking from UI.

Program Room

  • Addressed an issue with Program Room not aligned in Internet Explorer. Now Program Room in IE is displayed similar to other browsers, widgets aren’t overlapped by scrolls.

Portfolio Room

  • Addressed an issue with Feature Points to Team Weeks conventions in Portfolio Room. Now Points to Team Weeks are converted based on the Platform settings.

Work Items

  • Addressed the issue with not allowing users to assign a Defect to a Story with over 200 characters in the title.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect focus when pasting large text to the work item's Description field.
  • Fixed an issue with the State column for accepted Stories. Now it shows the Accepted state instead of the latest state the Story had before it was accepted.
  • Fixed an issue with the Requirement Hierarchy not showing Features. Now when accessing the Requirement Hierarchy from a Theme, it shows all Epics and all Features under that Epic.

Audit Logs

  • Fixed an issue with Test Cases Audit Log not capturing changes to custom fields. Now updates to custom fields values are written to Audit Log. The same fix was applied to Features.
  • Fixed an issue with Risks Audit Log not capturing changes to the Notify field.

Mass Move

  • Changed the Program drop-down menu on the Mass Move page to be mandatory. With these changes, a user will not be able to assign work items to a Program and a PI that aren’t tied together that was resulting in broken configurations and data loss.


  • Fixed an issue on the Capacity Planning report with the Unassigned hours not included in Total Loaded and Total Remaining hours.
  • Fixed an issue with fonts in the WIP report to make them more readable.
  • Aligned the Updated Release Charts link in the Release grid to bring the users to the PI reports section instead of the All Reports view.


  • Fixed an issue with chat replies not saved/shown in the Impediments grid. Now replies on comments in the Impediment chat are saved and visible in the chat dialog.
  • Addressed an issue in which accepted stories would appear as Test Complete in the Story Export's State column. Now, they will appear as accepted. In this fix, the Accepted Status column was removed from the Story Export template.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ideal Burn on the burndown chart in the daily stand-up not ending at zero. Now it starts at the beginning of the sprint with total story points loaded and ends on the last day of the sprint at zero points.
  • Addressed an issue with incorrect sorting by priority in the Ideation grid.
  • Removed deleted Features from the list of items that can be added to a Link Map.
  • Fixed a label for the Drop toggle in the Roles configuration.
  • Removed the ability to assign Boards with duplicate names to the same Team and Program.
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