Zendesk settings

Follow the procedures in this article to configure the Zendesk connector via Jira Align's Administration module.

Configure Access Controls

Give yourself permission to access the Zendesk connector by following these steps:

  1. Select Administration > Access Controls > Roles from the Navigation menu; the Roles page displays.
  2. In the Jira Align Roles section of the page, select your role from the Role drop-down menu, most likely Super Admin.
  3. Expand the Administration heading (and make sure it is toggled on), scroll down to Zendesk Settings, and then toggle Zendesk Settings on.
  4. Click Save at the bottom-right of the page. Zendesk Settings should now display in the Connectors section of the left navigation pane.

Configure Zendesk Settings

Follow these steps to configure the Zendesk Settings page:

  1. Under the Connectors section of the left navigation pane, click Zendesk Settings; the Zendesk Settings page displays.

  2. In the Connection section, make sure the Active drop-down menu is set to Yes. Green lights will indicate an active connection.
  3. Enter the Zendesk URL of your Zendesk instance, along with your credentials (User name and Password) in their respective fields.
  4. In the Timer Configuration section, enter the time interval, in minutes, for the integration synchronization between Jira Align and Zendesk, in the Timer on Work Items field.
  5. In the General Configuration section, use the Default Program drop-down menu to select the target program that Zendesk tickets will be saved to.
  6. Activate the Enable Team Field toggle to allow mapping of the Team field in Jira Align with a custom drop-down in Zendesk. Only teams within the program selected in the Default Program drop-down may be mapped.
  7. Set a date to start the data load in the Initial Data Load Start Date field, and then click Save
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