Release Notes for 10.26


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New Enhancements

Dependency Map

  • Updated Team Status Dependency Map to show Team Needs From Others by default.

Progress by Objective

  • Added status color coding.

Administration, Roles, and Permissions

  • Removed ability to delete last story type from Story Types in Administration.
  • Fixed an issue with Add, Save, and Delete Release Vehicle. Now, only these permissions control whether a user is able to add, save, and delete a release vehicle.

Defect Areas Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the Committed by column shows Requires a Need by for external dependencies when a Need by has been defined. Now, the label is removed and users have the ability to select whether or not a dependency is committed.
  • Fixed an issue with epic and capability dependencies not appearing in filter results when filtering by an external entity.
  • Updated dependency edit page to save changes when accessing the Manage External Entities page from dependency edit.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dependencies grid showing dependencies from teams that the user is not assigned to.
  • Updated Committed by field to be editable only for users that are assigned to the Depends on team.

Time Tracking

  • Fixed performance issues with Tier 1 on the Time Tracking page. Now, performance is as fast as on other pages of the application.
  • Fixed an issue with timesheet approve and timesheet submit days defaulting to Sunday.


  • Fixed an issue where a message prompting to disable filtering would not appear in backlog when context menu filter by Product or Release Vehicle was applied. Now, under these conditions, a message appears and users are unable to rank items.
  • Fixed an issue with orphans in the backlog not filtering correctly by an epic’s additional program.

Program Board

  • Updated the hover-over messaging when viewing the Feature fly-out. Now, the message “Teams assigned to Stories for this Feature cannot be removed” appears only for teams that are assigned to stories under feature.
  • Expanded Extra Configs on Program Board to show the Apply button without scrolling.


  • Fixed an issue with the Users list populating and updating without any users’ actions.


  • Updated Forecasts to show progress for epics that have capabilities assigned.


  • Fixed an issue with Roadmap using Program Board dates to build objects. Now, it uses only dates/sprints that were defined for the work item in the edit panel.


  • Addressed an issue in which the Teams field on the Add Objective panel would not appear. Now, it appears for program objectives right after the panel is opened.


  • Added filtering by context menu to the Quick Load dialog box on Kanban boards.


  • Added ability to view Innovation Tournaments.


  • Fixed an issue with WSJF dialog box not showing the final score and formulas used to calculate it.
  • Updated the Quick Add functionality to populate feature description with feature title, to make it consistent with how epic and story quick add works.
  • Added the ability to save changes to the Program field and custom drop-down menus at the same time.


  • Fixed an issue with the Capability Owner field resetting when changing capability parent.


  • Addressed an issue with the Columns Shown dialog box not showing any values on initial load.


  • Updated the Team slide-out panel and few other pages to support standard laptop resolution (1366x768). Now, the buttons are placed in a way to be always visible.
  • Fixed an issue where the Add Acceptance Criteria button would appear with disabled permissions.
  • Fixed an issue with global search not showing correct results with search by ID. Now, it shows only items that exactly match the search criteria.
  • Fixed an issue with team names overlapping each other in the Velocity Trend report.
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