Data retention and disaster recovery policy


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Data retention

The data storage policy customer data within Jira Align SaaS has the following categories:

Jira Align data

Jira Align leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) Relational Database Service (RDS) for managing our SQL server instances in the cloud. This solution stores all of the data in Elastic Block Storage (EBS). These data are encrypted via AWS Key Management System (KMS) on a per RDS solution.

The standard multi-tenant solution shares an RDS instance for management and service aggregation. For our dedicated Virtual Private Cloud solutions, please refer to the contracted requirements because it is possible to change any of the values below.

The backup and restore settings are:

  • Hourly snapshots as far back as 35 days
  • Backup window 05:00 – 06:000 UTC (GMT)

This allows us to restore to any point in time within the automated backup window.

Customer data are purged upon request. The backups will phase out 35 days after the db instance is deleted.

More information on privacy, security, certifications, and GDPR compliance can be found in the Atlassian Trust Center, Cloud Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

Security logging

All security data are replicated into multiple offsite storages to support non-repudiation and analysis. These data are stored for 13 months.

Application logging

Site usage statistics, connector uptime/errors, and other similar logs to support our operational practices are stored for 13 months.

Disaster recovery

Cold recovery is possible from within the same data center, or from a different data center from the same provider.  All recovery options for hosted customers have the ability to keep the recovery options on shore at all times.  RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is 4 hours and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is 10 minutes.

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