Release Notes for 10.25


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New Enhancements

Progress by Objective Report

Updated the Program Increment Objectives, Program Based Objectives, and Team Based Objectives charts:

  • Changed Point to Points Remaining and Point Remain to Ideal Burn.
  • Replaced dates in X-Axis with Sprints.
  • Updated the Ideal Burn line to be strict all the time.

See also

Progress by Objective


Defect Areas Fixes


  • Added restrictions to the Program Increment drop-down menu on the Capability slide-out panel. Now it is limited to the PI selected for the parent Epic.


  • Fixed an issue with ideas not appearing when changing the Idea Group to Public and accessing the idea external link.
  • Addressed an issue with not persisted changes in the Idea Manage module. Now changes to the idea and the column that the idea was moved to are saved.


  • Addressed an issue with the Configuration bar settings not applied to the JIRA Deleted Issues list. Now it is filtered based on the selection on the Configuration bar.

Login Activity

  • Updated a link for Login Activity to redirect users to the correct page.


  • Added Solution as a Tier filter option under Apply Filters in the Objectives grid.
  • Updated the Progress by Objective report to show Team and Sprint in the Objectives Planned Vs. Actual report section.
  • Fixed an issue with portfolio level objectives not allowing to change the owner. Now users from the Program Team of the selected Program or from the Parent Portfolio Team of the selected Program can be set as the owner of a Portfolio Objective.

Program Board

  • Added the ability to filter the Program Board by Capability. This is driven from the Program/Portfolio selected on the Configuration bar. If a Program or Portfolio with Capabilities enabled is selected, the Program Board can be filtered by Capability. In other cases, the filter by Epic is available.


  • Addressed an issue with no progress calculated for Release Vehicles in the Release Vehicle view of Roadmap.

Time Tracking

  • Updated validation on Time Submissions. Now users that joined a project in the middle of the week are allowed to report time with no minimum hours limit.


  • Fixed an issue with Unassigned Backlog not showing up as an option for the search under Mass Move: Stories. Now users are able to move stories to Unassigned Backlog using the Mass Move functionality.
  • Fixed an issue with users not able to assign teams to a Release Vehicle. Now Program Team users are able to assign all teams under that program to a Release Vehicle.
  • Fixed scroll issues in the Vision module.
  • Updated the Risk Description limitation. Now it is the same as for the Story Description.
  • Fixed an issue with an empty Runway for the WSJF estimation in the Program Room.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent buttons styling for defects. Now the Convert and Close buttons in the Convert Defect to Story dialog box are styled the same as in all other places throughout the application.
  • Fixed an issue with the Work Code Description with a dash in it. Now the full description text is displayed.
  • Updated the Description and Title fields to appear on the Add Dependency slide-out panel.


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