Release Notes for 10.22


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New Enhancements

Work Codes

Work Codes can be used to capture IDs from an external financial system for Epics and Features. This allows users to reconcile data from two systems. The ability to configure the Work Code drop-down menu options through the Administration section was introduced. To enable Work Code configuration for a role, enable the Work Code Admin toggle on the Roles page in Administration.

Once Work Code administration permissions are enabled for a role, users with that role will be able to view, create, and edit Work Codes in the Administration section. This configuration option allows administrators to delegate Work Code administration to the appropriate members of the organization.

The ability to filter by Work Code and Work Code Description was added to the Feature and Epic grids. This allows users to find all work items related to a specific Work Code.


Work Codes are also added as a field that can be synced to JIRA.

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We have introduced the ability for administrators to manage the types of Dependency combinations. Turning off a Dependency combination will prevent that combination from being a selection when creating a dependency. To manage Dependency combinations, go to the Platform page in the Administration section, and then click Manage Here next to Manage Dependencies on the Team tab.

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Team Settings


Dependency Maps

Dependency Maps were updated to show Program Dependencies. Now Dependency Maps will show Program Dependencies that are relevant to user's Programs. This also affects Programs that appear in Dependency Maps (changes don't affect logic for External Dependencies):

  • Programs that the user is a part of will appear on Dependency Maps.
  • Programs that the user's Programs depend on.
  • Programs that request something from the user's Programs will appear on Dependency Maps.

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We have changed the tagging initialization process. With these changes, a user has to use the @ symbol to tag somebody. This makes it consistent with other applications and improves performance and usability. Changes are applied to сhats and discussions.

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Create a Discussion Comment or Question 



Introduced a new option to grant Work Code administration permission to roles.


Defect Areas Fixes

Work Tree

  • Metrics for Epic, Capability, and Feature progress were added under the progress to the roll-up dashboard of the Work Tree.

Success Criteria

  • Required custom fields that were left blank now show errors on Success Criteria creation and editing.


  • Added the ability to select a Specification owner.


  • Fixed an issue with no ability to save Process Steps from the Additional Program. Now a user can save Development and Operational Steps from the Additional Program.

Business Model Canvas

  • Fixed an issue with newly added Canvas not appearing in the Safari browser.


  • Added the ability to set Themes to None Applicable during Feature and Epic import.


  • Improved consistency throughout the application. Previously, the Issue term was used instead of Impediment. Now we use the Impediment term everywhere.


  • Changed the progress indicator in the Objectives grid to be more intuitive.

    • Not Started shows one blue block. 
    • In Progress shows three blue blocks.
    • Done shows five green blocks.
    • Deferred, Cancelled, Missed, and Blocked show five gray blocks.
  • Addressed a problem that caused for newly created Program Objectives to not initially show in the Objectives grid.
  • Added 0 (zero) as an option for Delivered Value Score for Objectives.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented saving changes when the Objective's slide-out panel was opened from the Program Board view and the title was updated.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue with Sprint highlighted in red for a team that hasn't missed any commitments.
  • Fixed an issue with meaningless date range displayed on Program Board when a PI has no Anchor Sprints. Now a date range for such PIs is not shown.


  • Addressed an issue with Dependency Matrix not showing Program Dependencies. Now the report shows Program Dependencies that are tied to the selected PI and Program as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect arrow direction in the Dependency Wheel View. Now the arrow is pointing to Depends on Team instead of Requesting Team.
  • Changed the Dependency Map grid so that it only shows the Teams in the Program selected on the Configuration bar. Previously, all Teams associated with the PI selected were shown.


  • Fixed an issue which caused for the incorrect Objectives count to be displayed in the Program Room Progress widget.
  • Addressed a problem that prevented emails from being sent when a Risk exceeded its target resolution date.
  • Expanded the Week selection options on the Time Tracking reports page so that users can view reports up to a year back instead of just six months.
  • Fixed an issue with new progress bars that showed incorrect progress display for Epics with no LOE set.
  • Addressed caching issues when using Internet Explorer that caused outdated information to be shown when a work item title was updated.
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