Release Notes for 10.20


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New Enhancements


In the Roadmap Epic by Theme view, additional columns that are numeric are added from the children Epics into the Theme row to show a total. Columns that are added are Total CapEx, Total OpEx, External CapEx, and External OpEx.


See also

Configure the Roadmap Display


User Management

The Use Trend report can now be found under the Logs section of the Admin pages. We have also consolidated the Login Activity and Invalid Login Activity sections into this view to provide a holistic picture of User Activity in an AgileCraft instance.

See also

Use Trend



We have added language to indicate that we support API token-based authentication for the JIRA connector. Cookie-based authentication has been marked as deprecated since JIRA has begun the deprecation process for it. We will continue to support it until that cycle completes.


See also

JIRA Integration Setup


Time Tracking

The projects display name was added to the Project Attributes Export report so that Time Tracking users can easily reference it when doing the analysis. 

See also

Export a Project Attributes Report 


Defect Areas Fixes

Program Room

  • The calculations in the Progress widget in the Program Room were changed to match the logic used in the rest of the platform. Epics progress percentage is Accepted Epics/Total Epics * 100 for the given Program and PI. Feature progress percentage is Accepted Features/Total Features * 100 for a given Program and PI.


  • Modified all Requesting/Depends On Dependency drop-down menus to not show Program/Teams if a parent Portfolio is not active.
  • Fixed an issue when adding many teams to a dependency causes teams to auto-add.
  • Fixed an issue that caused errors when Dependencies with <<>> in the name were exported.
  • On Dependency views, team popovers persisted on the screen. They are now removed after the hover over.
  • Removed a dialog box from the Dependency creation and added it to the panel. Reduced the number of sent emails for Program to Program Dependencies.

Time Tracking

  • Fixed an issue when timesheets are filled out with some days' hours reported only on projects, and other days' hours only on administration codes, the hours on administration disappear when viewed on the Time Approval page.
  • Fixed an issue in logic to allow the deletion of custom Employee Classification codes in Time Tracking.
  • Only numeric values can be entered in the task hours field on the timesheets. Previously when non-numeric values were entered, the user encountered an error.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Program and Team to be cleared when updating the Ship Date and Go Live Date on Release Vehicles. 


  • On the Objectives slide-out panel, buttons are disabled by a spinner until all data is saved to prevent the creation of duplicate Objectives.
  • Fixed an issue where the Total Open and External Open fields were inverted in the Epics export.
  • Made the Regression Hours field mandatory when creating a Sprint of Type IP (Innovation & Planning) Sprint Type.
  • Added a button that will launch the Product Vision tied to the Product on the Product slide-out panel.
  • We now allow story name duplicates to be created when quick adding from the Feature slide-out panel.
  • Fixed issues on the Program Increment edit page and Sprint edit page that prevented updates based on dd/mm/yyyy server dates. Users are now able to edit PIs and Sprints but the dates are still displayed as mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Fixed an issue where users not authorized to rank work items could still manually drag work items after opening and closing a work item.
  • For JIRA users, setting the JIRA Project field to be required caused for an error to be shown whenever the work item was saved. The system now allows you to save the work item.
  • Vulnerability reported has been addressed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Work Tree from updating correctly when switching from the Team View (Extra Configs) to another view.
  • Fixed rounding issues with Team/Man Weeks in the Audit Log.
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