Release Notes for 10.18


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New Enhancements

Training Simulations

Training simulations are now available via AgileCraft’s Checklist feature; the simulations are interactive videos that promote training, onboarding, and continued learning of AgileCraft features, workflows, and modules. The training simulation checklists and associated simulations are authored by AgileCraft and provided free of charge as part of AgileCraft's Enablement Framework. The Enablement Framework consists of in-product learning tools, such as context-sensitive coaching cards, the Help widget, access to the Help Center knowledge base, and now the new training simulation checklists.

This feature allows you to follow a comprehensive list of relevant actions or steps to be taken, in a specific order, needed to learn a task or workflow. Each step in the list links directly to a video training simulation. User interaction is required, when prompted on screen, to advance the simulations; for example, clicking or selecting elements on screen that simulate actual AgileCraft scenarios.

See also

Training Simulation Checklists


JIRA Connector

JIRA Setup:

AgileCraft Admins are now able to edit all JIRA settings in one place.

Previously, a part of settings was stored in the configuration files, but now most of JIRA configuration options are moved to the JIRA Setup tab under JIRA Settings.

With these changes, admins can edit the following settings without going to the configuration files: 

  • Enable Rank Sync
  • Enable Feature Sync
  • Enable Story Sync
  • Allow JIRA to Overwrite Data
  • and more

In addition, Custom Fields editing was also added to the JIRA Setup tab:

  • Epic Name
  • Story Points
  • Rank
  • Program Increment
  • and more

For security reasons, part of settings are still available only in the configuration files (for example, Enable API Logging, Disable SSL, First Time Setup, etc.)

JIRA Integration:

The Run Board, Sprint, and Fix Version sync along with the search query option was added to the JIRA Integration tab. This option allows JIRA Connector administrators to disable Board sync during JIRA search query run for performance purposes or in case they know that there were no changes made.

See also

JIRA Integration Guide


Administration, Roles, and Permissions

  • Now non-Super Admin users who have access to Mass Move can move work items from the Unassigned Backlog.
  • Fixed an issue with Program Team Dependency edit permissions. Now when the user is part of a Program Team and has all permissions for Dependency editing, they will be able to edit a Program Team Dependency.
  • Fixed an issue with no ability to edit Ideation groups. Now if the user has the Manage Groups permission under the Ideation permission bit, is an admin for the group, and has the Create/Edit Feedback Groups or Feedback Administrator permission under Additional Options, they will be able to make changes to the Idea Group.

See also

Additional Role Options

Set System and Team Roles/Permissions


Defect Areas Fixes

Epic Planning

  • Fixed an issue with Story points remaining line shown for future dates. Now the line is shown till the current date.
  • Fixed an issue with Epic Planning not showing correct story progress. Now the Story Points Remaining graph shows points that have not been accepted yet.


  • Added validation on Parent Program for Feature import. Now when the Feature from the spreadsheet and the Feature that is already in the system are in different Programs, the system is not updating the existing Feature but creating a new one.
  • Fixed an issue with a Feature's Functional Area not set during import. Now when importing a Feature with the defined Functional Area, it is set for this Feature.

Status Reports

  • Fixed an issue with corrupted Release Vehicle edit page opened from the Release Vehicle Status Report.
  • Updated filtering of Themes Status Report based on the Configuration bar selection. Now when Portfolio is selected on the Configuration bar, only Status Reports for Themes mapped to Programs underneath the selected Portfolio will appear.
  • Fixed an issue with broken links in the Release Vehicle Status Report. Now when clicking Release Vehicle, Notes, or Feature links, the corresponding page or panel appears.

Portfolio Room

  • Fixed an issue with Program Increment progress calculations. Now it is calculated as the correlation of Story points accepted to total Story points.

Program Room

  • Updated the Impediments widget in the Program Room. Now when in the Program view, all impediments are shown through all Agile teams under the selected Program.

Team Room

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect velocity in the Team Room. Now when overriding team velocity, a new value appears in the Team Room.
  • Fixed an issue with the Team Room filtering by person. Now when accessing the Team Room as another user, the previously applied filter is removed.


  • Fixed incorrect calculations of a Theme's budget roll-up.
  • Fixed an issue with not rendering detached instances.
  • Fixed broken Favorites functionality on the Release Vehicle Roadmap. Now when opening Release Vehicle Roadmap from Favorites, the user will be redirected to the correct report.
  • Fixed an issue with Story count appearing in the Month By Year view. Now Story count appears only in the Sprint by Program Increment view.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue with the Committed By label.
  • Mapped the Feature with planning issues color to the legend.


  • Removed the ability to create an item with only spaces in the title.
  • Fixed the ability to assign Features directly to an Epic instead of a Capability in the Orphans dialog box for Portfolios that have Capabilities enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with Capabilities not appearing in the children list for Epics.
  • Fixed an issue with the WSJF estimate column in the Backlog. Now the estimate is fully shown and is equal to what the user defined on the Feature edit page.

Work Tree

  • Fixed an issue with the inconsistent Work Tree status. Updated the legend to provide more information on status to color mapping. Mapped the Not Started Epic and Capability state to Pending Approval.


  • Fixed an issue with filtering the Epic grid by the Unassigned Backlog. Now when filtering by a Program Increment with the Unassigned Backlog selected, the filter shows Epics that are in the Unassigned Backlog.
  • Fixed an issue with custom Scorecards not appearing on the Epic’s Value tab. Now when setting Scorecards to custom for a Program, they appear on the Value tab for Epics from that Program.


  • Removed the Not Set state on a Feature's add panel. Now when creating a Feature, its state defaults to Pending Approval.
  • Fixed an issue with Feature child stories section not populating the Accepted story state.


  • Added the ability for non-Super Admin users to edit Program Dependencies when corresponding permissions are enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with Dependency edit panel not allowing to select or change the Requesting Team.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dependency wheel showing incorrect dependency alignment.

JIRA Connector

  • Fixed an issue with filters not working in the JIRA Deleted Items report.
  • Fixed an issue with sync not working with OAuth enabled.


  • Fixed an issue with filter by name not working in the Design Components grid.
  • Fixed an issue with the cropped long parent name on the work item edit panel. Now long parent name will not move the side menu and progress out of the screen.
  • Added the ability to remove acceptance criteria notes from a Feature.
  • Improved global search for Capabilities.
  • Fixed an issue with filter by region not working in the Cost Center grid.
  • Fixed a long defect description not fully visible in the Master Log.
  • Fixed an error in Strategy Dashboard that was appearing when all Program Increments were selected.
  • Added the ability to change a team owner.
  • Fixed an issue with the Program Increment Progress report not maintaining lines place based on a screen resolution.
  • Fixed a date filter not working in the Change Activity log.
  • Removed the ability to select a Solution as a Feature's program for multi-program Features.
  • Fixed an issue with Epic count in the Strategy Room.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicated progress bars. Now the view switcher is disabled until the selected view is fully loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with Epic and Capability progress bars not showing actual story progress.
  • Removed additional confirmation when splitting a story.
  • Updated the Sprint Hours report calculations. Now the calculations are as follows: (Done/Done+To Do) x 100.
  • Added missing and fixed not working filters in the Work Codes grid.
  • Fixed an issue with the Apply Filters button not clickable in the Program and Portfolio grids under low screen resolutions.
  • Limited the Strategic objective text to 20 letters.
  • Fixed an issue with calendar arrows not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect Sync dates in the Sprint grid.
  • Added a warning message to the Fixed Date Milestones. It appears when trying to create a Fixed Date Milestone with the existing name.
  • Fixed an issue with progress pop-ups. Now a progress pop-up will close when clicking outside of it.
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