Jira migration and Jira Align integration support

It is possible to migrate your Jira instance, and this is the impact on the Jira Align–Jira Software integration.

To integrate Jira Software with Jira Align:

  • Ensure mutual TLS is set up and working properly. If you require any technical assistance, please reach out to Jira Align's customer support.

To change the connection within Jira Align to Jira Software:

  1. Go to Administration > Jira Settings > Jira Connectors, select the necessary connector, click Deactivate, and then click Yes in the confirmation message.
  2. In the Jira API URL box, enter the API URL for the new Jira environment.

Note: If you use OAuth or API token authentication, we suggest that you authorize a new token.

  1. Click the Test Now link to test the connection.

Note: This does not test authentication—only connectivity to the new environment. If there are connection issues, click View Logs on the Manage Projects tab to check the logs for the Jira connector.

  1. Click Activate to re-activate the connector.
  2. Monitor Jira Software logs in Jira Align to ensure that the Jira connector is authenticating. 
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