Release Notes for 10.17


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New Enhancements


Release Vehicles view:

Release Vehicle details now can be edited directly from Roadmap using the details slide-out panel. Same as for PI details, a user is able to edit the Release Vehicle settings and manage Highlights.

Work view:

Two new columns were added:

  • Products (available for the Features, Feature by Epic, and Feature by Capability views).
  • Theme (available for the Epics, Features, Capabilities, Feature by Epic, Feature by Capability, Capability by Epic, and Epic by Theme views).

Using these new columns, you are able to monitor if your teams are focused on strategical goals and key customer needs.

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Fast Edit

Users now have the ability to quickly view, create, and manage child hierarchies under work items from Stories to Themes. Launched from the details panel, quickly visualize and decompose work item hierarchies and sync them back to AgileCraft when finished. With the hierarchies existing only in Fast Edit until synced, you can build out “shell” work items as quickly as taking notes with the flexibility to brainstorm decomposition before actually creating the work items in AgileCraft via the Sync button.


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Progress Bars

AgileCraft has made progress bars more powerful and configurable throughout the application. Progress bars now tell the full story of work progress in context of its delivery time frame and scope. As an admin configuration, you can now default how to view progress (by points, count, or state) and set thresholds to have progress turn green/yellow/red based on progress made against time left. On hover, all progress bars as well as estimate vs. actual scope is shown.


In the screenshot above, the red striped bar indicates that this feature's estimate has nearly doubled with the estimated stories at 22 points over the initial feature estimate. Users can also leave notes on the progress to address any details on health or status.

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Portfolio Room

Enhancements and cleanup:

The Portfolio Room changes its behavior to be portfolio-centric instead of snapshot-centric as it was before. Only data directly tied to the selected Portfolio will appear. This includes:

  • List of Portfolios available for selection is driven from the context menu instead of the selected Snapshot.
  • Program Increments list is now pulled from the selected Portfolio.
  • Only Epics assigned to Programs from the selected Portfolio will appear in all Portfolio Room views.

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Time Tracking

Reporting improvements:

The Show the Product Drop-Down Menu on the Release Vehicle Page option was added to the Time Tracking Administration. This option enables Time Administrators to map Release Vehicles to Products. Using this functionality, you can identify if your time reporters are working on important stuff, how time is spread between different Products, and how much time was spent on a specific Product. To simplify this work, the Product column was added to the following reports:

  • Detailed Time Export
  • Timesheet Export
  • Project Attributes Export

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Defect Areas Fixes


  • Added the missing ability to add and replace photos.


  • Fixed an issue with the duplicated Save button on the Time/Skills tab. Save was removed from the tab. All changes made on the tab now can be saved using the master Save, Save & Close, or Save & Add New.
  • Fixed the Restore Defaults functionality not working in the Page Config.
  • Fixed an issue with the Theme and Type fields not populating in the Epic export file. Now, these fields show the data if it was defined for the Epic.
  • The Contained In column in the Epics grid now shows a parent Theme if it was defined for the Epic.


  • Fixed an issue with the Member Week Budget column title.
  • Fixed an issue with terminology. Now, all terms in the exported file are tied to the Platform Terminology. This does not apply to the first row of exported file (as it is used by the system for correct mappings) and for the import template.
  • Fixed an issue with the Capabilities grid and export. The Theme column is now populated with parent Epic’s Theme.

Investment Distribution

  • Fixed an issue with Epics not appearing in the report.


  • Improved performance of the Epic add and edit panel loading.
  • Improved performance of drop-down menus throughout the application.

Portfolio Room

  • Removed the ability to select the Kanban view. The Portfolio Room will be displayed only in the Dashboard view.
  • PI Budget instead of work items rollup is now displayed in the Financials view.
  • Fixed an issue with Features appearing in PIs they are not assigned to. Now, a Feature appears under an Epic only if it is assigned to a PI a user is currently viewing.
  • Fixed an issue with a different Epic completion percentage in the Roadmap and Portfolio Room. Now, it is calculated in the same way in both places.  

Release Vehicles

  • Fixed an issue with the Defects count. Now, when reassigning a Defect from a Release Vehicle, the Defect count is decreased.
  • Fixed an issue with Features and Stories that were moved to the Recycle Bin and not affected counts on a Release Vehicle.
  • Updated the date selection fields for Consolidated Release Vehicles. Now, the fields show the current date, so the user does not need to navigate to it. 


  • Fixed an issue with the Blocked column not showing actual status for Epics. Now, when any child Feature is blocked, an Epic will be blocked as well.
  • Fixed an issue with the Member Week column not showing member weeks PI estimate defined for the selected Epic.
  • Fixed the Highlight functionality for Release Vehicles. Now, when an item is assigned to multiple Release Vehicles, it appears only on a Release Vehicle it is highlighted for. The same fix was implemented for Program Increment cards.
  • Fixed an issue with Epics not snapping to multiple PIs.

Status Reports

  • Fixed the Capture functionality not working for the PI and Release Vehicle Status Reports.
  • Changed date formats in the Epic Status report. Now, dates in all places are in the same format.


  • Fixed the Total Hours filter not working for tasks created from the Story edit panel. 

Time Tracking

  • Fixed an issue with the warning message not appearing when reporting flexible holidays as a delegate.
  • Fixed an issue with flexible holidays not appearing on the Time Approval panel when no time was reported for them.
  • Fixed an issue with the Work Code page not accessible from the Release Vehicle edit panel.

Work Tree

  • Fixed the expand functionality for the Theme Group view. Now, child items appear when expanding the Theme in the Theme Group view.
  • Fixed an issue with unnecessary database calls. Now, Work Tree works faster in the Theme Group view.
  • Fixed an issue with the Bottoms Up toggle appearing in the Team view.
  • Fixed the expand functionality for stand-alone Features. Now, a user is able to click expand (plus sign) to view work items under a Feature.


  • Fixed an issue with users getting locked when accessing an instance with enabled SSO login from a mobile application.
  • Fixed an issue with the labeling of child Programs on a parent Program edit page.
  • Fixed the View in JIRA button not working on the Defect edit panel.
  • Removed the ability to map a Feature to an Epic on Epic Planning for Epics from a Portfolio with enabled Capabilities.
  • Improved Mind Maps. Now, they are not crushing when saving large Mind Maps.
  • Added the ability to submit action items during the Team of Teams meeting.
  • Fixed an issue with a burndown line on a PI burndown. Now, the line ends at the current date.
  • Fixed an issue with the Objective's Team and Program fields clearing when trying to save the Objective without the sprint defined.
  • Fixed an issue with the Release Vehicle filter not affecting the PI Progress report. If a Release Vehicle is selected in the context menu, report's time frame is generated based on the period where a PI and Release Vehicle overlap.
  • Added a Theme to Requirement Hierarchy accessed from the Capability edit panel.
  • Added the Strategic Analysis field to the Page Config. Now, users are able to control visibility and if this option is required.


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