Release Notes for 10.16


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New Enhancements


Epic view:

Now organizations are able to track Epic budgeting data on a Roadmap with six new columns that were added:

  • Total CapEx
  • Total OpEx
  • External CapEx
  • External OpEx
  • Estimate at Completion
  • Spend to Date

Same columns are also available for the Features view. 

Theme view:

The Theme Total Budget column is available for selection in the Theme view.

Release Vehicle view:

Highlight capability was added to the Release Vehicle view. Similar to the Program Increment view, this allows better visualization of important work in scope of a Release Vehicle.

Time Tracking

Optimization and usability improvements:

  • The View All Outstanding Timesheets option was added to the Time Approval page in the Week drop-down menu. This allows time approvers to select all timesheets from all weeks that are open and require their attention.
  • Timesheet approvers are now able to back and forward navigate through the timesheets.
  • The Reject and Approve actions bring a user to the next timesheet without additional actions.
  • Only tasks with time recorded appear on the page and all other tasks are hidden under an expandable drawer.

JIRA Integration

User default roles:

Two new options were added to the JIRA setup:

  • Default System Role for New User(s)
  • Default Team Role for New User(s)

A user synced from JIRA will receive a system and a team role based on what is selected from these drop-down menus. This allows Admins to control access of JIRA users to AgileCraft capabilities.


Defect Areas Fixes

Work Tree

  • Fixed an error that was appearing when expanding an Epic in the Bottoms Up view.
  • Fixed an issue with the expanding functionality for items spanned across PIs. Now an item is expanded only if the section's expand was clicked.
  • Fixed an issue with the Strategy view of the Work Tree not expanding to Features. Now clicking the plus icon to expand an Epic expands child Features under it.


  • Fixed an issue with the Capabilities list disappearing.
  • Fixed an issue with terminology for Epics (Portfolio Ask, Start/Initiation, and Target Completion Dates) not reflecting in export and audit log.
  • Fixed an issue with Epic's children list disappearing. Now when closing a child edit panel and getting back to a parent edit, the children list is still displayed.


  • Fixed an issue with the Sprint column not appearing in the grid when the Configuration bar filter is applied.
  • Fixed the Clear Selected Feature tooltip on the Story edit panel.
  • Added the ability to add Stories to a Feature without LOE points defined.
  • Fixed an issue with filtering by tag in the Stories grid not working.


  • Added the ability for a Product Owner/Scrum Master and Team Coach to update the sprint state. 

Status Reports

  • Fixed an issue with all data disappearing from a report when applying the filter that filters out a part of data.
  • Removed unnecessary refresh when accessing the Health or Comments dialog box. 


  • Fixed an issue with highlight Capability functionality not working.
  • Fixed an issue with Program Increments and Sprints overlapping in the time aggregation bar.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue with Program Teams appearing on the Program Board.
  • Fixed an issue with the Capture functionality only capturing a visible part of the board instead of the entire board.


  • Fixed an issue with changing the card size in the Kanban Column view. Now the card size is updated based on the selected view.
  • Fixed an issue with not applicable columns shown in the Backlog. Five columns are available for Epics and three for Capabilities in the Kanban State view.
  • Fixed an issue with stories not appearing in the Backlog after initial creation.


  • Fixed an issue with broken Custom Issue Types deletion.
  • Fixed counterpoint sync issues. Now when updating acceptance criteria in AgileCraft for Story or Feature that does not have acceptance criteria in JIRA, latest changes in JIRA are not erased.


  • Fixed an issue with users not able to log in to the application through SSO.
  • Fixed an issue with Program dependencies not appearing in the Program Room.
  • Added the Accepted User Stories line to the Short Term Metrics in the Team Room.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stories By State report not applying the sprint filter correctly. Now it is built based on a story sprint assignment instead of the acceptance date.
  • Fixed an issue with Lean Use Cases not showing steps.
  • Fixed an issue with Capabilities export not showing Themes. Now when exporting Features, finance fields are not shifted.
  • Fixed an issue with the Collaboration menu appearing even when Collaboration was disabled for a role.
  • Fixed an issue with the Target Sync filter in the Objectives grid. Now it is built based on a Program Increment selected on the Configuration bar.
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